Well done on making it this far! The Resident Evil 4 remake throws plenty of roadblocks in your direction before allowing you into the church, where the creepy villagers wandered off for bingo earlier.

As we probably should've expected, the church is no cake walk. In fact, it's the site of the a tricky puzzle involving a stained glass window. If you've got that point and you're fiddling around with the dials, trying to make the window look right, don't worry because we've got you covered.

Check out our handy guide below and you'll be finished with the Resident Evil 4 church puzzle — the one involving the stained glass window — in a matter of minutes. Of course, you can measure any amount of time in minutes, but you know what we mean!

Resident Evil 4 church puzzle: how to solve the stained glass window

Note: before you can even start this puzzle, you need to flip the switch to the left of the altar.

You'll also need to go back down the aisle and turn left around a corner, where you'll find the blue dial in a cupboard nearby. Bring the dial back to the altar/podium thingy, pop it in when prompted, and you'll be able to start spinning the dials that move the coloured panels of the stained glass window above.

We spent so long spinning the red, green and blue dials around that we decided to video capture the solution to help you out. Take a look at our video below and you'll see the best way to solve the Resident Evil 4 church puzzle with the stained glass window:

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If you prefer written guides, this is what you need to do to solve the church puzzle in Resident Evil 4 and put this stained glass window debacle behind you:

  • Start by spinning the red dial, focusing your attention on the middle of the picture, lining up the central patterns with the golden symbol in the middle of the window.
  • Once you've got the red one lined up, repeat the trick with the green one – watch the dead centre and you should see how to line up the green pattern with the gold symbol in the background.
  • Finally, start spinning the blue dial until the central shapes line up with everything else. It has to be precise!
  • When everything is in the right place, nicely highlighting the gold symbol at the heart of the design, the puzzle will lock into place and open a nearby doorway for you.

For more general tips on Resident Evil 4, check out our handy tips and tricks video below. There are some things that the game doesn't really tell you!

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