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New Pokemon Snap Map: Explore the Lental Region in this interactive map

You don't need the game to explore Pokemon Snap's brand new region.

The new Pokemon Snap game is nearly here.
Published: Tuesday, 27th April 2021 at 1:25 pm

It's been over twenty years since the original Pokémon Snap took us on a tour of Pokémon Island, showcasing several first-generation Pokémon with some then-impressive 3D graphics.


Seven generations and nearly 700 more Pokémon later, Pokémon Snap has received a surprise new sequel that will take us on a journey in a brand new area: the newly discovered Lental region.

However, unlike the original Pokemon Snap, fans can explore this brand new area early from their internet browser, with no copy of the game or even a Nintendo Switch required.

Nintendo has released teaser website, which features an interactive map of the new region. Prospective Pokémon photographers can click on eight spots on the map, with each stop having several videos highlighting the location and facts about the Pokémon that call it home.

The videos also highlight some of the items and upgrades in New Pokemon Snap, allowing fans to learn how to use food such as Fluffruit to lure Pokémon out of hiding for the perfect shot.

Fans can also earn My Nintendo Platinum Points as they browse, which can later be redeemed for New Pokémon Snap items. Each stop also gifts users with an exclusive digital photo frame inspired by that part of the Lental region, which users can add to add to any existing photo they like, whether it's Pokémon-related or not.

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When is New Pokemon Snap being released?

New Pokémon Snap releases on 30th April 2021 and features over 200 Pokémon - but unlike the mainline Pokémon Games and Pokémon Go, the focus is not to catch'em all but rather snap'em all as you must photograph every one to complete the Photodex for Professor Mirror.

The Nintendo Switch game is the long-awaited sequel to the 1999 Nintendo 64 spin-off Pokémon Snap, which featured the then-revolutionary ability to let you print off your photos at stores such as Blockbuster.

New Pokemon Snap has taken a much more modern approach, with a special Fujifilm Nintendo Switch Printer allowing you to print out your photos from the comfort of your own home.

You can see a trailer for the game below:

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