The viral sensation Pokemon Go is still going strong, and it constantly gives players new things to do - and this week, you can try and catch yourself a Shiny Trubbish!


This Pokemon is literally a bag of trash, and that hasn't stopped it from becoming a very popular critter that is highly sought-after in the game.

As part of Pokemon Go Sustainability Week, Niantic has served up a perfect opportunity for players to catch the Shiny Trubbish of their dreams. Read on to find out how!

How to catch Shiny Trubbish in Pokemon Go

Thanks to the ongoing Pokemon Go Sustainability Week event, Trubbish will be appearing in the wild much more often than you'd normally expect, which ups your chances of finding a shiny one.

This increased spawn rate for Trubbish should mean that you can open up Pokemon Go and find a shiny Trubbish fairly easily without having to wander about too much. Try using a Lure Module or some Incense if you don't find one after a few minutes of looking.

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Trubbish will also be appearing in one-star raid battles, so you should be able to spot a big Trubbish to battle at a Raid location near you. Defeat a Trubbish in a Raid, and you may find that it's a shiny one when you try to catch it afterwards.

Which Pokemon type is strong against Trubbish?

If you do decide to take part in Raid battle against a Trubbish, you might want to know its strengths and weaknesses to make the fight even easier (since it's only a one-star Raid, it shouldn't be too hard to start with).

Trubbish and its evolved form, Garbodor, are both Poison type Pokemon. This means they're weak against Psychic and Ground type moves - so if you've got any Psychic or Ground Pokemon at your disposal, now is a good time to use them!

Trubbish and Garbodor both have strong resistance to Fighting, Grass, Bug, Poison and Fairy type Pokemon, so you might struggle if you're trying to use those!

Between Raid battles and spawns in the wild, hopefully it shouldn't take you too long to catch a shiny Trubbish or even Garbodor.

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