New Pokemon Snap has almost arrived, and this is very exciting news for anyone who loved the original Pokemon Snap game (which launched in 1999 on the Nintendo 64).


Heading exclusively to Nintendo Switch, New Pokemon Snap has the same central idea as its predecessor - taking pictures of cute critters, of course - but the overall experience has been completely reimagined for the 21st century.

Nintendo seems to be taking the launch of New Pokemon Snap very seriously, even going so far as to cross-promote the launch with a special Pokemon Snap event in Pokemon Go.

So if you're wondering what all of the New Pokemon Snap fuss is about, read on for all the details on its release date, story, gameplay and how you can pre-order it.

When is the New Pokemon Snap release date?

Not long to wait now, as the New Pokemon Snap release date is scheduled for 30th April 2021 - so it's less than a month away, with pre-orders already being available (more on that in a minute).

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Folk on Twitter looking to show their enthusiasm for the game's release can use the hashtags #PokemonSnap or #NewPokemonSnap to make a Meganium emoji appear. This isn’t the first time Nintendo has opted for a personalised hashtag, with Super Mario also getting the emoji treatment recently.

Can I pre-order New Pokemon Snap?

You certainly can pre-order New Pokemon Snap! Amazon and GAME are just two places that have the game listed in advance, so it can be yours on release day for £49.99.

Elsewhere on the web, Argos is enabling pre-orders for a slightly reduced price of £44.99, and Gamebyte has a special offer at £42.95 which also includes a double-sided poster and sticker sheet.

For those who can't bear to wait for postage (or simply prefer digital to physical copies), the title can also be downloaded directly from the Nintendo eShop, again for £49.99.

What platforms can I get the New Pokemon Snap on?

Being a Nintendo exclusive, there is only one home for this game and that will be the Nintendo Switch. Much like the original Pokemon Snap was exclusive to the N64, you'll only be able to play the new one on Switch.

Fans have been asking for a while now for older Pokemon games to be available on the Switch, but for now, you cannot play the old Pokemon Snap game on Switch, so you'll just have to jump into the new one if you want to take some snaps of those adorable creatures!

Pokemon Snap story

pokemon snap

Pokemon Snap is all about photos - and making sure you get the best snaps of all the Pokemon around that you can find!

Professor Mirror and his assistant, Rita, need some help on the islands in the Lental region and that is where you come into play. The aim of the game is to fill up your Photodex with as many Pokemon as you can find, and there are 200 at launch.

In Pokemon Presents fans were shown how they can edit the photos you take in Snap, using stickers and frames to make the photos more special. To show off your best pics you can share them online and check out those of others from around the world.

What is the gameplay like in New Pokemon Snap?

Gameplay in New Pokemon Snap allows players to traverse a range of habitats, from jungle to desert, both on land and in the water. The diverse landscape of the Lental region is teeming with Pokemon for you to snap.

Shots are then graded based on pose, size, direction, placement and other Pokemon you manage to capture in the background. In order to get the best angle, Snap provides players with various items (including Fluffruit and Illumina Orbs) which should help get the Pokemon's attention.

You can then compare photos before filing them in your Photodex for assessment by Professor Mirror. The re-snap function is there to edit your photos before uploading them online, but only unedited images can be included in your Photodex, which forces players to seek out the best photo opportunities.

Is there a trailer for New Pokemon Snap?

Nintendo shared a special New Pokemon Snap Overview Trailer on 15th April, to give fans their best glimpse yet at the game in action! Take a look below, and feel the hype grow:

New Pokemon Snap launches on Nintendo Switch on 30th April, and you'll find a special pre-order bundle at Gamebyte. We'll be sure to bring you more coverage of the game when we can get our hands on it.

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