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Will there be a Nintendo Switch Pro? All the rumours, features and latest news

Is the Switch about to get a suped-up version?

The Nintendo Switch console is still going strong.

Last year was, amongst other notable events, the year of new consoles as Sony and Microsoft launched the PS5 and the Xbox Series X to the gaming world – but it was also the year that saw the Nintendo Switch soar in popularity.


While we were all stuck at home, games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons became the biggest talking points in gaming, and that adorable island-making game remains one of the most popular titles out there today.

The Switch shows no signs of slowing down, with plenty of upcoming video games lined up for the console. And not only that, rumours have been swirling for some time that a new Switch Pro console, that that will run at 4K, is on the way. While we wait for something official to come from Nintendo, we have taken a look at all the rumours out there to see what we should expect from the next version of the Switch.

Will there be a Nintendo Switch Pro?

Nintendo Switch Pro rumours

Nintendo has yet to come out and confirm any details about the next Switch console, but thanks to data-mines and leaks from insiders, we have a pretty good idea that it is coming – and it may even be with us this year!

What are the Nintendo Switch Pro features?

One thing we can say with confidence is that the console will be 4K-ready. That’s thanks to OatmealDome, a known data-miner, who has found evidence of a new Switch dock that will support 4K visuals.

It also seems certain the new console will keep the dual-gaming function that the Switch is famous for, allowing you to play games on your TV or in a handheld fashion.

The general assumption is that the Nintendo Switch Pro will work better and faster than its predecessor, whichever mode you choose to play your games in. Some fans are hoping that extra-speedy SSD storage might be included, allowing the console to cut down dramatically on loading times.

ring fit
The Ring Fit Adventure looks set to continue on the new Switch

Also seemingly on the cards is a fitness tracker, much like you get on your smartphones, and this would indicate that the hugely popular Ring Fit Adventure franchise will remain a top priority for Nintendo going forward – something that does not surprise us.

Rumours abound that the new console will have an OLED display, in handheld mode, which will definitely make the appearance of the games a lot sharper.

Fans are also hoping for greater performance speeds, improved battery life and perhaps even improved functionality with Bluetooth – which is fairly limited on the console right now.

We hope too that third-party games will play much better as while exclusive Nintendo games generally run fine, there have been many issues with porting over games not made by the studio and any new console will need to rectify this problem to keep the console as a leading one on the market.

Nintendo Switch Pro release date

Well, we need to wait for Nintendo to confirm that it is coming first before we know any of the exact details, but many insiders in the industry are now throwing their support behind the idea that we should be seeing this snazzy new console before 2021 draws to a close.

It’s worth remembering that Nintendo has been listed as one of the big companies that will have a presence at E3 2021, the online-only version of the iconic gaming expo. E3 taking place in June, and it seems like a perfect place for Nintendo to make some big announcements.

Timing-wise, it fits. The original Switch console is 4 years old now and that means it is definitely time for a revamped version, and the release of the other new consoles last year may well push for Nintendo to follow suit with a fresh version of the Swith.

Nintendo Switch Pro price

As for the price, again it is too soon to say with any certainty, but most guesses so far have placed the console at around the $399 mark – which will likely equate to £349 on these shores.

Should I wait to buy a Nintendo Switch Pro?

Should you buy a Switch now or wait for the Switch Pro. Well, that depends on how soon you want to start playing the best Switch games that the console has to offer.

While we think the new console will be coming later this year, it is entirely possible that it will not come out until 2022 and you could be waiting a long time to get your hands on it – after all, it has not been officially announced yet.

And there are great deals to be found on the Switch right now so if you are itching to play Mario Odyssey or you can’t hold out on playing the New Pokemon Snap, you may be better off just forking out for a current-gen Switch now.

Nintendo Switch deals

Here are some of the deals we have found at the moment, if you are debating going ahead and getting one – and if you love gaming, we highly recommend you do!

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