The Sustainability Week event has begun in Pokemon Go and it could help you catch yourself a Binacle or a Barbaracle.


This latest Pokemon event is themed around helping the planet, so it's only natural that these ocean-dwelling, barnacle-based creatures should appear.

If you fancy catching Binacle or Barbaracle for yourself, load up Pokemon Go and heed our advice below!

How to catch Binacle or Barbaracle in Pokemon Go

There are three main ways you can catch Binacle in Pokemon Go right now. Firstly, it's worth noting that Binacle has an extra-high spawn rate at the moment, so you might just see one popping up on the screen when you're playing the game. If you don't see any near you, try using a Lure Module or some Incense to goad them out!

Secondly, Binacle will be appearing in one-star Raid Battles throughout this Sustainability Week event, so you might see a big Binacle at a Raid location near you. Defeat it, and you'll have a chance to catch it.

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Thirdly, Binacle is being given out as a reward as part of the Sustainability Week Timed Research - so head over the Research tab of your game, and follow the steps until you're given a chance to catch a Binacle. This will happen when you complete Stage 3 of your research.

If you want to get yourself a Barbaracle, though, there's only one way to do that - you need to catch a Binacle first and then evolve it into Barbaracle, which will require 50 Binacle Candy to achieve.

Can you catch a Shiny Binacle in Pokemon Go?

Everyone loves a shiny, but there is no way to catch a Shiny Binacle in Pokemon Go at the moment. It;s literally impossible. This seems a bit odd, considering that special events like Sustainability Week normally bring shiny versions of their main attractions. Perhaps we'll get a chance to catch a Shiny Binacle at some point further down the road.

Which Pokemon type is strong against Binacle?

Before you undertake a Raid Battle against an oversized Binacle, you'll want to know about its weakness and strengths to make sure the battle goes smoothly and plays out in your favour.

Binacle is a Rock and Water type Pokemon, which means it is weak against Grass, Ground, Fighting and Electric types - so use one of those if you want to defeat it easily!

Binacle is resistant to attacks from Normal, Ice, Poison, Flying and Fire type Pokemon - so don't use those, unless you want to make things harder for yourself.

With all of that information, it shouldn't be too hard for you to catch yourself a Binacle and evolve it into a Barbaracle. We'll keep bringing you Pokemon Go news and tips!

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