Warning: This article contains minor spoilers for Hogwarts Legacy.


The Patronus charm is a famous and popular element of the Harry Potter universe, with the defensive spell being used to ward off Dementors and is said to be represented in the form of an animal that shares a special affinity with the caster. Can you use the Patronus charm in Hogwarts Legacy, though?

While there are plenty of well-known spells in the Wizarding World, including the likes of Lumos and even the death curse Avada Kedavra, one of the most memorable is Expecto Patronum. Those silvery animals it summons are rather cool.

Read on to find out if there is a Hogwarts Legacy Patronus charm spell or not and how to find out what your Patronus charm is.

Does Hogwarts Legacy have the Patronus charm?

No, you cannot use the Patronus charm in Hogwarts Legacy. This has been confirmed by the Warner Bros Games Support Twitter account and you can see the exchange below.

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Strangely enough, the Patronus spell is seen in the game. Spoilers will now follow!

During a visit to Azkaban, you will catch a brief glimpse of Dementors and see another character casting their own Patronus to protect themselves.

It’s strange because you are not able to cast a Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy at all. Why show us something that we can’t do ourselves? What a tease.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that there will never be a DLC pack with the Patronus charm included, however. As you can see in the statement above, the development team explains that there are currently “no announced plans to include the Patronus in the game”. Who knows what the future holds. Maybe in a sequel? Hmmm.

How to find out what your own Patronus is

Even though you cannot cast a Patronus spell yourself in Hogwarts Legacy, you might want to find out what your Patronus charm animal manifestation is. Fortunately, you can do this on the official Wizarding World website.

To discover what your expected Patronus is, you will need to take the official Pottermore Patronus personality quiz. Make a Wizarding World account if you haven’t done so already, first.

You’ll need to act quickly when tackling the quiz as each of the questions are timed and you can only discover your Patronus once. Yes, your account will be stuck with the Patronus whether you like it or not (you can always make a new account with a different email address if you don’t like what you were given).

While there is currently no Patronus charm in Hogwarts Legacy, the spell could be added in via DLC or as part of a sequel. This means that you will want to take the personality quiz and get your own Patronus on the Wizarding World website, just in case.

Just as you can with your house choice and wand design, if the Patronus charm is added to Hogwarts Legacy, you should be able to transfer between your account and the game.

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