With four playable characters in Gotham Knights, each with different skill trees, you’ll want to switch between them at any time to try them all out. Even if the game makes it appear as though you have to pick one character and stick with them until the end.


Knowing which character to play at any given time can be tricky but each one will be capable of getting every job done. Fortunately, it doesn’t particularly matter which of the Bat Family you play as and all goes down to personal choice.

Regardless, it’ll be worth trying each character out to find out which is your favourite and which abilities best suit your playstyle. Read on to find out how to change character in Gotham Knights.

Can you change character in Gotham Knights?

Yes, you can change your character in Gotham Knights. Despite feeling like you can pick one character and stick with them, you can change your playable character in Gotham Knights at pretty much any time.

With all of the different stats, upgrades, and abilities, you’ll want to change which of the Bat Family you’re playing as and not just stick with the same one. You’ll want to work your way through the skill trees of Red Hood, Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin to see what abilities they unlock.

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It’s understandable, though, that you may end up with one character as your main if you’ve played through various story missions with them already. Thanks to their different skill trees, it would be easy to stick with the character whose abilities you prefer.

Thankfully, if you do wish to change your character, each one levels up in tandem. This means that if you’re playing as Red Hood, any experience and skill points you earn will be applied to the rest of the Bat Family too. A neat feature that means when you do switch characters they won’t feel under-leveled and will have plenty of skill points available to spend.

How to change character in Gotham Knights

To change your character in Gotham Knights, you need to head to the Belfry clocktower. Simply go to the Belfry, head to the display cases with super suits in them (which you’ll spot to the left of the Bat Computer), and interact with any of the suits on display — you'll be given the option to change into the corresponding character.

It’s worth noting that returning to the Belfry, from the open world, will end the night you are playing through. This means that you can only go back to the Belfry once you’ve finished any and all unskippable quests that appear within the in-game day.

With this in mind, you’ll want to switch characters before you leave the Belfry to begin the patrol of the night you’re about to play through. It might be a little while before you're in a position to change again.

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