A superhero story is only as good as its villain and Gotham Knights is full of baddies to fight and take down. Thanks to the famous Rogues Gallery of Batman, there are tonnes of memorable villains and bad guys that could have appeared in the game - but we’re only interested in those who has been confirmed.


WB Games Montréal has inserted several famous villains into the Gotham Knights story mode. As there are so many in the Batman series to choose from, a good number of villains sadly didn’t make the cut. For a taste of the foes in store, you can check out the cinematic villains trailer at the top of this page.

If you’re looking to know more about the Gotham Knights villains, read on to find out what villains are in the game and discover which Batman baddies have been confirmed in the co-op title.

Who are the Gotham Knights villains?

Several Gotham Knights villains have been confirmed ahead of the game’s launch, including the Court of Owls and Harley Quinn. Across the game, you will discover a host of villains lifted from Batman’s Rogues Gallery. This is a list of the confirmed villains in Gotham Knights, which will be updated as more are announced.

The Court of Owls

The mysterious Court of Owls appears to be at the centre of the Gotham Knights plot. All the trailers and marketing leading up to the game’s release place the Court of Owls/Talons as the primary antagonist group you’ll face up against.

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Harley Quinn

Whose side is Harley Quinn on in Gotham Knights?
Whose side is Harley Quinn on in Gotham Knights? Warner Bros

Harleen Quinzel returns in Gotham Knights and is another major villain of the game. She looks set to play a big role in the plot and is a boss to fight. She’s dangerous, thanks to her electrified sledgehammer.


The shape-shifting supervillain just wants an acting gig, and looks set to give you the runaround in Gotham Knights thanks to his ability to pass through small gaps. By the looks of things, he’s set to play a major role in the game along with Harley Quinn and Mr Freeze.

The Penguin

It’s currently unclear just how big a role The Penguin will have in Gotham Knights, but he’s definitely in the game. It looks as though he’s set to team up with Mr Freeze and the Court of Owls in some capacity at least.

Mr Freeze

Mr Freeze, one of the Gotham Knights villains.
Mr Freeze, one of the Gotham Knights villains. Warner Bros

Mr Freeze is back and heavily armoured, appearing to be one of the boss fights in Gotham Knights and an integral part of the game’s plot. The tragic character will stop at nothing to plunge Gotham into perpetual frozen winter.

Talia al Ghul

Thanks to IMDb, we know that Talia al Ghul should be appearing in Gotham Knights via the voice actor Mylène Dinh-Robic. So the League of Assassins looks set to make an appearance, but it’s not confirmed in what capacity.

Professor Pyg

Based on what we’ve seen in trailers, Professor Pyg looks to be making an appearance in Gotham Knights. It’s yet to be seen to what extent the villain will be in the game.


The first mission in the game (thanks IGN YouTube) tells us that Kirk Langstrom has been murdered. Mr Langstrom is none other than Man-Bat, which means that the ghoulish character could be making an appearance somehow.

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