Rumours have been suggesting for a little while that Fortnite could be getting a first-person mode as part of an upcoming season. However, Fortnite chapter 4 season 2 has gone live today (Friday 10th March) and the feature does not seem to be present.


Fans of the iconic battle-royale game will not need to be told that this addition would be a massive game changer if the rumours are true. The popular multiplayer title has always been seen from a third-person perspective, and the option of getting inside your avatar's head (literally) could absolutely alter the way we look at the game (literally).

The developers from Epic Games have been known to throw out their own rulebooks from time to time. For example, the game was initially centred around the concept of building and destroying structures, until the developers released the Fortnite Zero Build mode — removing those functions entirely for players that didn't want them — in March 2022.

Much like the addition of Zero Build (which was kept in the game as an optional mode after its initial launch), the option to experience Fortnite from a first-person perspective would make the game appealing to a whole new set of players.

After all, first-person shooters (also known as FPS games) are one of the most popular genres in gaming. Third-person shooters aren't for everyone, but Fortnite seems to be on a mission to attract as many players as possible, tearing down any and all barriers for entry (lest we forget that Fortnite is free to play and you can even play it on mobile devices via Xbox Cloud Gaming).

Before we get too excited, though, it is worth remembering that this is just a rumour at this stage. Epic Games doesn't tend to announce its big new ideas until the very moment they go live in the game, and you should always take anything from a third-party source with a pinch of salt until it does or doesn't get confirmed.

And so, what's the actual source for this story? Well, a number of Fortnite 'leakers' claim to have heard from "the same reliable source" that first-person mode is "finally" coming to the game in its next season.

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These prolific Fortnite prognosticators, tagged in the Tweet below, will be very familiar to fans of the game. The Tweet also shows what this mode could look like!

Oftentimes, it feels like Fortnite leakers predict things with scary accuracy, with the people backing this theory including some of the most reliable names on the scene. There's every chance they are right about this, but as ever, we won't fully believe it until we hear it direct from Epic Games.

With the new Fortnite season having only just gone live, with no sign of the fabled new feature on the game's main menu, it looks like we'll have to wait a little while longer for first-person mode to be added (if it ever is). We'll update this page if we hear anything official.

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