The Final Fantasy XVI release date is nearly upon us and it won’t be long until we get our hands on the upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive.


According to Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida, there won’t be any delays “unless a meteor falls on Japan…” so it’s safe to say that we won’t be waiting any longer than expected.

First shown back during The Game Awards 2022, FF XVI has been shown off quite a bit since then and perhaps we’ll have another look at it during Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Showcase.

You can also catch up with what Ben Starr, FF XVI protagonist Clive Rosfield’s voice actor, and see what he had to say about his experiences with Final Fantasy, in our interview with him.

FF XVI has also been slated to have a demo out prior to launch, too, but if you can't wait until then, read on to find everything you need to know about Final Fantasy XVI's release date, FF XVI gameplay details and pre-orders.

When is the Final Fantasy 16 release date?

The Final Fantasy 16 release date is 22nd June 2023, Square Enix has confirmed. This is sooner than we initially thought and we'll definitely take it. Summer 2023 can't come soon enough.

Can I pre-order FF16?

Yes! You can pre-order FFXVI from GAME. There are two versions of the JRPG available to pre-order right now: Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition. You can pre-order the Deluxe Edition from GAME for £99.99.

Pre-order any version of the game and you will get The Braveheart weapon and Cait Sith Charm (an accessory that boosts earned Gil in-game).

The Deluxe Edition comes with a Steelbook and cloth map of Valisthea (this is exclusive to the Square Enix Store) plus everything in the Standard Edition of the game.

The Digital Deluxe Edition can also be pre-ordered through the PlayStation Store for £84.99. This includes a digital mini artbook and soundtrack and the Scholar's Spectacles experience boos accessory.

Final Fantasy 16 Collector's Edition

There is also the FFXVI Collector's Edition. This is only available through the Square Enix Store and pre-orders begin on 12th December 2022 at 6pm UK time. It includes a special collector's box featuring artwork by Yoshitaka Amano, Blood Sword weapon DLC, Pehonix vs Ifrit premium statue, metal Eikon pin collection, plus everything in the Deluxe Edition. You can see it all in the image above.

Which consoles and platforms can play FF16?

Unsurprisingly, FF16 will be available on PS5.

Confusingly, FF16 was originally announced for PC also, only for any mention of a PC release to be later removed. It is possible that FF16 is a timed exclusive and will launch on PC later like Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but for now, the long-awaited game is only officially confirmed for PS5.

The game is rumoured (as per IGN) to have a six-month exclusivity deal on PlayStation, however, so you could see it release on Xbox Series X/S and PC in 2024.

FF16 gameplay and story details

Final Fantasy XVI Gameplay
Square Enix.

Harking back to the franchise's roots, FF16 will be set in a medieval fantasy world. The realm in question this time is Valisthea, which is made up of six kingdoms: Crystalline Dominion, Dhalmekian Republic, Grand Duchy of Rosaria, Holy Empire of Sanbreque, Iron Kingdom, and Kingdom of Waloed. The people of Valisthea live in peace thanks to the surrounding mountains of crystals called Mothercrystals, despite the presence of Eikons - summoned monsters controlled by or manifesting through humans.

Clive Rosfield, son of the Archduke of Rosaria, is the game's protagonist and First Shield of Rosaria. With help from his brother Joshua Rosfield and step-sister Jill Warrick, Clive embarks on a quest for vengeance after a tragic encounter with the dark Eikon Ifrit.

More like this

The PlayStation State of Play event in April revealed that we’ll be following dear Clive through three distinct periods of his life, beginning in his teen years.

Breaking from the turn-based Final Fantasy mould is the real-time combat system. Perhaps taking inspiration from the Monster Hunter series is the hunts for differently ranked creatures that populate the world. If you were worrying that FFXVI was breaking too much tradition, fret not as we will still be able to ride around on a Chocobo who dons the name Ambrosia. Hopefully, Clive doesn’t feel too short-changed with his divisively plain name.

There will of course be plenty of side quests to fill up your time in Valisthea. It’s certainly shaping up to be a multi-hour extravaganza in true Final Fantasy fashion.

What do we know about the FF16 demo?

A demo for Final Fantasy XVI will release a couple of weeks ahead of the game's full release on 22nd June and our best guess is 11th June 2023 or thereabouts.

The demo is reported to include multiple hours worth of gameplay to let players get comfortable with the controls and get to grips with the characters and story.

The Summer Games Fest 2023 is taking place on 8th June and there is every possibility that the demo could drop around then too.

More likely however is for the demo to drop during FFXVI’s pre-launch celebration stream on 11th June, which is slated to take place at 10pm GMT as can be seen in the tweet above.

Is there a FF16 trailer?

Yes! It's rather cinematic, too. Take a look below to get yourself acquainted with the game before the FF16 releases this summer.

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