Not all of us have nabbed Sony’s latest PlayStation 5 and some of us never will, so we’re here to answer the question: will FF16 come to PS4 and Xbox? We have the situation for all the platforms explained for you.


We can’t blame you for wanting Final Fantasy 16 to come to your platform of choice as it’s quite the epic, with many characters and factions and a great cast behind them, as well as a gripping plot with plenty of side quests and trophies to collect. Even the debate surrounding the protagonist’s name has had us fully aboard the hype train.

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PlayStation 5 owners have had the pleasure of a demo to keep them entertained before launch, but there have been no such niceties for the rest of us.

Read on to see if we’ll be able to join in on the fun, though, with everything you need to know about whether Final Fantasy 16 will come to PS4, Xbox and other platforms.

Will FF16 come to PS4?

Final Fantasy 16 will not be coming to PS4. The game is thoroughly a next-gen exclusive and it takes one look at the visuals to see why.

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There was at one time, however, a last-gen version in the works. Producer Naoki Yoshida revealed in an interview with Final Fantasy Union that working on a PS4 version “would have needed at least one or two more years of development", and so said development was shifted to focus solely on the PS5.

They had intended for both versions to release simultaneously, so it might not have been until 2024 or 2025 that we could roam around Valisthea on a Chocobo on any platform - so perhaps it is just as well plans were changed.

Will FF16 come to Xbox consoles?

Final Fantasy 16 could theoretically come to Xbox Series X/S - but not for a while at the very least, as FF16 is said to be a six-month timed exclusive for the PlayStation 5.

And, to complicate the matter further, the relationship between Sony, Square Enix and Microsoft is slightly strained, shall we say.

Final Fantasy 15 saw a day-one release for Xbox One back in 2016, so it’s disappointing for FF16 to not follow suit.

Will FF16 come to any other platforms?

While Final Fantasy 16 may be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 for six months, that doesn’t stop it from releasing on any other platforms after the fact.

We will go on the record and say that we will definitely not be seeing this on Switch.

If they cancelled the PS4 version over concerns for how long it would take to tone things down, then it’s safe to assume that this logic is even more applicable to the ageing mobile hardware.

It will depend on how performant a future Nintendo Switch Pro would be for its viability - but the jury is still out.

Things are more hopeful for PC players though as the developers have hinted at such a port being on the cards, so we encourage you to read everything we know about a Final Fantasy 16 PC release.

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