It's hardly surprising that a game of Hogwarts Legacy's scale has various outcomes. As soon as you start playing, it'll become evident that the choices you make will have an impact on certain results within the story.


Like titles such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age, the game has cause-and-effect mechanics, which effects relationships with NPCs, quest outcomes - basically the whole game.

If you're wondering about these outcomes (and don't have the time to do them yourself with multiple saves), keep reading - we're going to discuss them here. We should add that this article is spoiler-free!

Does Hogwarts Legacy have multiple endings?

Without spoiling anything, we'll say here that, yes, Hogwarts Legacy does indeed have multiple endings. There's a good ending, a bad ending, and a more universal ending that occurs a fair bit later – you'll reach that 'true' ending if you continue playing after the immediate threat is averted.

In terms of the good or evil ending to the main story, it's all to do with big decisions you make towards the game's climax. If you answer a certain couple of questions in a certain way... we won't spoil anything, but it should be obvious when you get to the final moments of the story.

Want a bit more of a warning? Fair enough! Suffice it to say that, towards the end of the game, you'll want to pick carefully, especially in a conversation with Professor Fig (regarding whether you want to unleash or contain a certain something) near the final repository. The option you choose shall come to pass, so make sure you pick the one you really want.

What about Hogwarts Legacy side missions?

It's not just the main story that has multiple outcomes - some of the missions and side arcs do too. For example, the epic quest line with Slytherin companion Sebastian Sallow can end in different ways depending on your choices.

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To see all the possibilities, of course you'll need to play through multiple times and make the most of many, many saves. On your first playthrough though, we recommend going in blind and seeing what happens. Save the tinkering about for later!

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