After years of waiting, Dead Island 2 is finally here and fans of the original games can expect to see callbacks to the originals during their zombie-slaying runs through HELL-A.


Many of you have been wondering if we’ll see returning characters from the original games involved, including fan-favourite rapper Sam B (presumably named to sound a bit but not entirely like zombie).

It’s not just nods and callbacks to the past that’s included, however, with plenty of Easter eggs to be found in the game.

Read on to find out if Sam B is in Dead Island 2 or not and to see what other Easter eggs, nods, and callbacks there are in the game.

Is Sam B in Dead Island 2?

Yes! Sam B is in Dead Island 2. The classic fan-favourite rapper from the original Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide is back all these years later.

You may notice that he has a different design these days (and more hair), looking younger than ever, despite the fact that around 17 years are meant to have passed following the events of the first game.

This could be because immune folk carrying the zombie disease benefit and start to look younger/move away from death. It’s most likely because it’s a simple redesign, though. That would be the most logical reason.

Who is Sam B in Dead Island 2?

Sam B was one of the four playable characters in the original Dead Island and one of five in Dead Island Riptide.

His famous track Who Do You Voodoo was a big deal back then and the publisher even released a live-action Sam B music video for song No Room in Hell. He was always likely to be found in LA.

In Dead Island 2, Sam B appears near the start of the game, turning up in movie star Emma Jaunt’s (who turns out to be his ex) house, and tells you about the two previous outbreaks he’s lived through. As Easter eggs go, it’s a little on the nose, but there are many more to be found in the game.

Sam B is no stranger to nods and references himself, with his aforementioned song being seen/heard not that long ago among the Dying Light 2 Easter eggs (that game is made by Techland, which made the original Dead Island and Riptide).

Are there other Easter eggs or callbacks in Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 is “filled with Easter eggs” according to the developers (thanks, wccftech!) and “nods to all the Hollywood-made B-movies” the development team loved.

As the game has only just been released, not too many Easter eggs have been confirmed. We do know that you can find arcade machines of Timesplitters and Homefront: The Revolution, as seen in DANNYonPC’s YouTube video, however.

While we wait for more Easter eggs to be found, you can see the number of crazy details the development team has thrown into the game in just its announcement trailer. There was even an official YouTube video released that shows us nine details and Easter eggs we might have missed when watching the trailer.

With nods to Tarantino movies, Saints Row, and more included in the announcement trailer, the game itself should feature a tonne of Easter eggs and nods. You can check the detail-pointing-out trailer at the link in the previous paragraph (because of its gruesome content, we're not allowed to embed it here due to YouTube rules).

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