Now that Dying Light 2 has been out for a little while, a lot of cool Dying Light 2 Easter eggs have been found in the game, including nods to Star Wars and DOOM, as well as a secret dev room.


We've already discussed the Dying Light 2 Crane Easter egg, which hinted back to Kyle Crane from the first game in this Techland franchise, but now we're going to dive a little deeper into the other hidden treasures in Dying Light 2.

Read on, then, and we'll walk you through the Dying Light 2 Easter eggs that have really caught our eye!

Dying Light 2 DOOM Easter egg reveals hidden level

Before you can get to the Dying Light 2 Star Wars Easter egg, you must first find the Dying Light 2 DOOM Easter egg – there's a whole DOOM level hidden beneath the VNC skyscraper!

As the video below shows, players that locate five black ducks in the game will be rewarded with access to the basement of the VNC building. Here, after swimming through some tunnels and connecting some cables, you'll gain access to a retro-styled DOOM tribute.

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It's a whole challenge-based level where you can blast through zombies to your heart's content, which makes a nice change from the main game, lest we forget that Dying Light 2 guns are hard to come by!

Dying Light 2 Easter egg adds Star Wars Force choke

In the DOOM-inspired challenge detailed in the video above, you can find a secret door and pick up the blueprint for a 'unique ranged weapon' called Dying Force. 'Be careful not to choke on your aspirations', reads the description, which harks back to a line from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Once you've spent 369 scraps to make this blueprint a reality, you can equip it in your accessories slot and use it to Force-choke your enemies in battle. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, follow the steps in the video above and you'll be living your Dying Light 2 Darth Vader fantasy in no time.

Dying Light 2 Easter egg at secret soccer pitch

In the north of Old Villedor, you'll find the remains of a football pitch that somehow still has a ball and a goal, despite the apocalypse being quite a few years old at this point.

Once you've found the pitch (the video below will show you how to), you'll be able to unlock a couple of cool items if you keep kicking the ball into the goal. Note: you will need to leave the area and return between each goal you score, which results in quite a lot of faff.

On your sixth goal, you'll be rewarded with a Shocker long sword. On your ninth goal, a massive dancing zombie will spawn. Defeat it, and a box will spawn between the goalposts. Open the box and you'll find a blueprint titled 'United in Fun - Everyone Can Play'. The blueprint will allow you to craft your own footballs and spawn them wherever you want.

Dying Light 2 Easter egg uncovers secret dev room

Here's another Dying Light 2 Easter egg that is tied to the VNC building. Once you've got the Dying Light 2 grappling hook and the paraglider, you should be able to swoop from the top of the VNC tower onto a nearby skyscraper that houses the Dying Light 2 dev room.

Unlocking the Dying Light 2 dev room is tricky (as the video below shows), requiring plenty of patience as you grapple and glide around the building to connect cables and turn the power on. Once inside the dev room, you'll find a letter from the developers.

Once you're in possession of that letter, there are two main things you'll want to do: sit on the bed until some stuffed teddies appear, and you'll be rewarded with the Left Finger of gloVa, a unique weapon that allows you to use finger guns as actual weapons; and if you sit on each of the cushions on the floor, you'll pick up the Korek, a charm that will improve any weapon's durability by 500.

The name of that charm, Korek, is a reference in itself: it's the name of one of the developers from Techland, and it harks back also to Korek's Machete from the first game (which was named after the same person). Check out the video below if you think you're up to the challenge!

More Dying Light 2 Easter eggs

If those particularly epic Dying Light 2 Easter eggs that we've just described aren't quite enough for you, here are some other sly nods and hidden secrets to find in Villedor, with links to tutorials that should help you find them:

There are also a handful of references to the first Dying Light game and Dead Island, Techland's other zombie game, so there should be plenty to keep returning fans and pop-culture aficionados happy! If any other major Dying Light 2 Easter eggs are found, we'll be sure to update this page!

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