If you're picking up and playing Dying Light 2 for the first time, it won't be long before you start to wonder — are there any guns in Dying Light 2?


The opening act of the new Techland game puts a huge focus on melee combat, blending it with parkour to make for frenetic fights against zombies and your rival gangs of non-zombies.

But are there guns in the game later on, and if so, how do you get them? Keep on reading to find out about the Dying Light 2 guns situation and all the different weapons you can get in the game.

Are there guns in Dying Light 2?

There is only one gun in Dying Light 2, and you cannot get it until you're already quite far into the story. For the most part, Dying Light 2 is a game without guns, and there are a couple of reasons for this.

One reason for the lack of guns in Dying Light 2 is the fact that zombies have existed in this world for 15 years now, because that's how much time has gone by since the first game (where guns were more common). Ammo would be running seriously low by now, even if guns were readily available.

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Plus, in the game itself, it is stated that the army has recently raided the city of Villedor (where almost the entire game takes place) and confiscated all of the weapons they could find. As a result, the citizens of Villedor will use almost anything as a weapon, from table legs to good old-fashioned molotov cocktails.

As for the one gun you can get in Dying Light 2, it's a shotgun called the Boomstick and you can learn more about it below.

How to get the Boomstick shotgun in Dying Light 2

To get the Boomstick shotgun in Dying Light 2, you first must complete a number of main story missions, up to and including the one titled 'Observatory', which occurs after you have made your way to the second open-world area that's commonly referred to as 'The Centre' or the 'Central Loop'.

Once you've completed the Observatory mission, any craft-master in a Peacekeeper-controlled area will be able to sell you the Boomstick blueprint (note that it's classed as an accessory in the store). The blueprint for the only gun in Dying Light 2 will set you back 400 coins.

When you have the blueprint in your possession, open up your crafting menu and you'll see that it requires 100 pieces of scrap to make it. If you can't seem to work out how to get this gun, consult the video below and you should be fine!

The Boomstick isn't a very durable weapon, so you might want to make more than one if you can. It's also worth noting that ammo is quite scarce, so it's not always the most useful accessory to have equipped!

That being said, if you're desperate to play with a gun in Dying Light 2, this is your only option! It is capable of taking out enemies and helping with your crowd control. And you can upgrade it, too, to make it a bit better. But it's far from the only weapon you'll want in your arsenal.

All the different Dying Light 2 weapons types

The main weapon type in Dying Light 2 is melee weapons - as you progress through the game, you'll be able to pick up axes, swords, machetes, hammers, baseball bats and rudimentary weapons such as table legs and metal pipes.

Throwable weapons are also introduced early on, with throwing knives and molotovs being fairly common. You can craft those for yourself, as well. There are mines and other explosives, too, but they come along less often.

The first ranged weapon you'll get in Dying Light 2 is a bow, which you'll get as a reward for completing the mission entitled 'Let's Waltz'. With it, you'll get the blueprint for various arrows. We'd argue this is a lot more handy than a gun!

That being said, as we mentioned earlier, you can eventually get a gun in Dying Light 2! So if you're desperate to play this is a first-person shooter, technically, you can — after that point, anyway!

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