Now that Dying Light 2 has arrived, you might be wondering about the Dying Light 2 cast - if some of those characters in the game look and sound familiar, you might want to know who plays them.


Of course, you don't actually see much of the main character in the game, seeing as you're experiencing the whole story through Aiden's eyes, which makes him even more of a mystery.

Rosario Dawson's Dying Light 2 role has also been talked about a lot in the build-up to the release, and now we know a whole lot more about her. Another character that might intrigue players is Mia, Aiden's sister, who appears in flashbacks from very early on.

So if you're looking for details on the Dying Light 2 actors behind all those characters, read on to find out all the big details!

Dying Light 2 cast: Who voices Aiden and Mia?

Dying Light 2 Aiden actor Jonah Scott.
Dying Light 2 Aiden actor Jonah Scott.

The main voice you'll hear in Dying Light 2 is that of Jonah Scott, an experienced voice actor who provides the voice of the game's pilgrim protagonist Aiden. You might recognise his grizzled tones from Beastars (where he plays Legoshi), Super Crooks (where he plays Johnny Bolt) or perhaps from the Pokémon franchise (he voiced Bluto in the anime and Ryuki in the Pokémon Masters mobile game).

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The role of Mia, Aiden's sister, is not credited to a specific actress in the Dying Light 2 credits, so that role must have been filled by one of the many actors on that long list of names that are simply credited as supplying 'additional voices' - in huge open-world games like this, there are likely to be many smaller parts portrayed by the same actors.

Dying Light 2 cast: Full list of named actors

The list of actors that have named characters in the credits is actually quite short for Dying Light 2, and we've typed it up for you below. These are the voices you heard along the way:

  • Aiden Caldwell: Jonah Scott
  • Lawan: Rosario Dawson
  • Hakon: Jonathan Forbes (voice), David Belle (appearance)
  • Frank: Stewart Scudamore
  • Jack Matt: Elroy (Spoonface) Powell
  • Waltz: Demetri Goritsas
  • Kris: Nigel Barber
  • Aitor: Alec Newman
  • Sophie: Suanne Braun
  • Loes: Anna Rust
  • Vincenzo: Ben Cura
  • Cillian: Francis Magee
  • Rowe: Glenn Wrage
  • Anderson: Jade Anouka
  • Nitaf: James Sobol Kelly
  • Barney: Joseph May
  • Thalia: Samantha Dakin
  • Corrin: Kieran Gough
  • Veronika: Kosha Engler
  • Nerys: Lucy Newman-Williams
  • Juan: Peter Brooke
  • Plaguewitch: Sarah Powell
  • Alberto: Sidney Kean
  • Barney: Stefan Trout
  • Steve: Christian Banas
  • Nikolas: Mark Holden
  • Danior: Nathan Osgood
  • Albert: George Ledoux

Dying Light 2 cast: Who does Rosario Dawson play?

Dying Light 2 Rosario Dawson
Dying Light 2 stars Rosario Dawson. Techland

If you've just started playing Dying Light 2, you might be wondering about Rosario Dawson's much-hyped role in the game. So who does she play, and when does she turn up?

Rosario Dawson plays a character called Lawan, a sharp-shooter that shows up around three or four hours into the game. As you get close to leaving the first major open-world area and making your way to 'The Centre', Aiden and Hakon will have a run-in with Lawan that throws a spanner into the works. You can learn more about the character and see Dawson talking about her in the promo video below:

Lawan does factor into a number of Aiden's big player-decided choices, so you will have some influence on how she factors into the story. However, Rosario Dawson's Lawan is not a playable character in the game. Perhaps we'll get the chance to play as Lawan in a DLC at some point in the future. We can dream, anyway!

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