We've had a lot of time with Dying Light 2 and have had more than our fair share of near zombie deaths already. But when we're not running for our life, we do like spotting those Dying Light 2 safe codes.


Indeed, one thing that can make your journey around the undead-filled world a little easier is to make sure you're opening all the safes you come across. There are a fair few dotted about that offer up salvage you'll want in your inventory.

But if you've found a safe in Dying Light 2, the next question is what code you will need to use to open it. We've got you covered with that very conundrum below! Keep reading to learn how to crack safes and which codes have been discovered thus far.

How to crack safes in Dying Light 2

Firstly, it's worth stressing that Dying Light 2 safe codes are always available in the game to find — if you want to open that safe without cheating, take a second to look nearby for scraps of paper or other clues where the code could be hidden.

It's also worth noting that it is possible to crack the safes in Dying Light 2, even if you don't know the codes. To do this, you basically need to rotate your controller's left analogue stick very slowly as Aiden attempts to key in a code. The controller will vibrate slightly when you hit one of the three numbers that appears in the code. Note down the three numbers, and then you just need to try them a few times until you get the order right.

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Or if you don't fancy going through all of that faff and extra effort, you could just check out our list of Dying Light 2 safe codes below!

Dying Light 2 safe codes list

A number of Dying Light 2 safe codes have been shared on the web, saving you the trouble of solving the clues for yourself. If you've found a safe and you're trying to open it, try one of these safe codes and you should be fine:

  • Bazaar church tower safe code: 5-1-0
  • Broadcast quest safe code (in the Garrison Electrical Station): 3-1-4
  • Church of St Thomas safe code: 4-4-4
  • Crocodile Flats safe code: 11-11-19
  • Downtown bandit camp safe code: 3-1-3
  • First Biomarker safe code: 9-7-3
  • Moonshine quest safe code (in the Horseshoe Water Tower): 14-9-2
  • Nightrunner's Hideout safe code: 1-0-1
  • Office in New Dawn Park safe code: 10-28-64
  • Treasure Hunt safe code: 3-21-67
  • St Joseph's Medical: 9-7-3
  • Side Quest - Bookclub X: 21-12-55
  • Horseshoe Water Tower: 14-9-12
  • House Safe, Quarry End: 27-67-66
  • Bridge Camp, Downtown: 74-17-76
  • Dam Hideout Safe, West of Garrison: 9-6-6
  • VNC Tower Safe, Garrison: 6-6-6
  • Garrison Electrical Station Safe, Garrison: 27-67-66

If any more safe codes in Dying Light 2 are discovered, we'll be sure to update this list with the new intel. Until then, happy hunting!

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