You’re playing through Dead Island 2 and you’ve come across a voice you recognise (insert Leo DiCaprio pointing meme). We’re here to let you know the full cast list and voice actors in the zombie-slaying game.


Modern games tend to feature large casts of voice actors, some of whom will be recognisable. Given the scale and budgets being thrown around these days, you’re bound to recognise some of the voices you hear in any game, not just this one.

Whether they’ve been in another game or have appeared in a TV show or film, the impressive Dead Island 2 cast list hosts a cool crop of voice actors. Here’s the complete list of actors and where you might know the cast from.

Dead Island 2 cast: all voice actors

The full core Dead Island 2 cast list is as follows (plus who they play in the game):

  • Skye Bennett | Amy
  • Jay Rincon | Bruno
  • Mick Wingert | Max
  • Michelle Fox | Dani
  • Ronan Summers | Ryan
  • Okezie Morro | Jacob
  • Carolina Ravassa | Carla
  • Jennifer Armour | Janet
  • Derek Siow | Alex Nguyen

Where do you know the Dead Island 2 cast from?

The cast in Dead Island 2 boasts a number of recognisable voice actors that you may well remember from appearances in other games, films, and TV shows.

First off is Skye Bennett, who plays Amy in the game. You may recognise her voice from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and its expansion: Torna - The Golden Country in which she voices both Pyra and Mythra. She also appears as Erin in TV drama Suspicion.

Jay Rincon, who voices Bruno in Dead Island 2, was most recently in Atomic Heart and Horizon Forbidden West, voicing P-3/Sergey Nechaev and Gilvarn respectively.

Casualty alum Michelle Fox.

Here's one that you might recognise from British TV! Michelle Fox, who voices Dani, is known for playing Bea Kinsella in 21 episodes of Casualty and is also set to appear in Final Fantasy XVI as Tarja.

Mick Wingert, the voice of Max, has appeared in many animated TV shows over the years, including Arcane (Heimerdinger) and the English dub of Attack on Titan (Koslow).

Okezie Morro, who plays Jacob in the game, appeared as Bryan Hunt in 10 episodes of The Mist and voices Joel Carter in Forza Horizon 4.

Carolina Ravassa, meanwhile (voices Carla in Dead Island 2), may be recognised from Overwatch 2 (Sombra).

Ronan Summers, who plays Ryan in the game, has appeared in the likes of Vikings, Control, Forza Horizon 5, and much, much more.

Jennifer Armour, who voices Janet in the game, might be recognisable from her time spent as Wendy Blissett in Hollyoaks.

Finally is Derek Siow, who voices Alex Nguyen in Dead Island 2, who has previously appeared in the likes of Horizon Forbidden West, TV series The Fear Index, and more.

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