Here’s what else Britain’s Got Talent magician Marc Spelmann can do

Meet the illusionist hoping to bring some real magic to BGT this year

Marc Spelmann on Britain's Got Talent

Marc Spelmann leaves everyone – including Ant McPartlin – in tears on Britain’s Got Talent when he brings his blend of magic and mind-reading to the stage in the most moving way.


Without giving too much away, the 46-year-old North London based illusionist performs a truly spectacular trick using only a Rubik’s cube, a children’s toy, a Harry Potter book and a coloured crayon. Along with his two-year-old daughter Isabella, he seemingly predicts a whole host of outcomes that will leave you wondering if magic actually is real.

Meanwhile the devoted father talks candidly within his performance about the struggles he and his wife faced while going through five years of IVF treatment and his wife’s cancer diagnosis.

Spelmann, a firm believer in what he calls “real magic”, blends illusion, mind reading and close-up tricks with a unique simplicity to create a truly memorable audition. But what else can he do?

What other tricks can Marc Spelmann do?

The magician’s act involves some pretty mind blowing tricks.

This short video shows Spelmann performing close-up magic and illusions in front of various celebrities including Vic Reeves. He brings an understated charm to the tricks he performs, including one in particular involving a lighter and a napkin that is seemingly impossible.

In another video from his YouTube channel, Spelmann uses the simplest of props in the magician’s arsenal: a pack of playing cards. In what is dubbed The Prestige Revelation, Spelmann’s slight of hand will leave you looking on with wonder.


Britain’s Got Talent airs Saturdays on ITV