EastEnders star Danny Walters teases how Keanu and Sharon’s affair is revealed – “History could repeat itself”

Could we be in for a new 'Sharongate' cliffhanger?

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EastEnders actor Danny Walters has revealed that the BBC1 soap could use the classic Sharongate cliffhanger as inspiration when it comes to Keanu and Sharon’s affair being revealed. Speaking to RadioTimes.com about the possibility of the trysts being exposed, Walters said: “All I can say is that there’s a very famous saying that’s applicable to this: history could repeat itself.”


Viewers have tonight been left with a big unanswered question as to who Sharon inadvertently called on her mobile phone while in the throes of passion with Keanu – and what the mystery recipient will do with their new-found knowledge. Will word reach Phil’s ears? Or will Keanu and Sharon face a blackmail attempt? All Walters would say is that – despite the illicit nature of their relationship – Keanu’s feelings for Sharon are entirely genuine:

“He’s madly in love with her. The way I’ve played Keanu is that this is genuine love. If it’s not, it all becomes about mind games and strategies – and that’s not really Keanu’s style. He’s a genuine guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s really fallen for Sharon and the stronger the chemistry between the characters becomes, the harder it will be for them to resist each other.”

EastEnders - Sharon & Keanu

With the racy plotline having proven popular, audiences will no doubt be hoping that there’s more mileage in Sharon and Keanu’s affair before they’re caught out. Speaking about how he reacted when the plotline was first pitched to him, Walters offered up a surprising link to this very website, stating:

“You guys said to me on a red carpet, ‘what do you think about Sharon and Keanu’? And I replied that it was news to me. Which it genuinely was at the time. But the more I thought about it, the more I realised it would be a really good storyline to delve into because the repercussions will be so strong.

“One of you guys must have called up the producers and given them a hint because a few weeks later, it started to come through in the scripts. So who knows? Maybe you’re a good omen!”


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