Coronation Street: Carla Connor returns – can she save Underworld?

Aidan arranges to meet his sister in secret, and he's got a big favour to ask

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Carla Connor finally returns to Coronation Street next week, as little brother Aidan tracks her down and begs her to save the family business. But will she want to keep the past where it is?


Beleaguered Aidan has to face facts when he can’t match corporate competitor Matthew Sing’s bid to buy Underworld, and reluctantly decides to go into business with him to at least keep the factory afloat.

However, having got his claws into the Connors’ empire after years of friendly rivalry, it seems Mr Singh has no intention of giving the old workforce their jobs back, as Alya Nazir discovers and relays to Aidan.

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There’s one last avenue for Aidan to explore before signing on the dotted line with Matthew and selling his old shop floor crew down the river (of course the fact he betrayed ex-fiancee Eva Price which led to her swindling him out of the factory in the first place means it’s all his fault anyway…), so he makes a call.

Waiting alone in a bar, Aidan is cautious as half-sister Carla arrives. Pleading with his sassy sibling to save her old pride and joy which is on the verge of collapse, will Carla agree to take the reins again?

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Since leaving Weatherfield in disgrace 18 months ago following the disastrous end to her relationship with Nick Tilsley, the former factory boss hasn’t set foot on the cobbles.

With Alison King confirmed as returning to the show full-time, Carla must have a reason to return and stick around. But will it be in her old role as the Queen of Underworld?

“It’s nice to hear from Aidan,” reveals the actress, speaking for the first time about her comeback. “But she’s not so keen on his idea she buys the factory. However, it does make her realise how much she misses everyone and that she’d like to see them at Christmas…” Can she be convinced to relaunch the knicker-stitching company?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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