EastEnders: Mick walks out on Linda! Here’s what happens next

The Carters were in crisis at the climax to Thursday's episode of the BBC1 soap

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Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) has packed his suitcase and left wife Linda (Kellie Bright) in dramatic scenes just broadcast on tonight’s EastEnders


The catalyst for the split proved to Linda’s cancer news – a bombshell that Mick was offended he hadn’t been told about previously.

Thursday’s episode saw Linda being given the all-clear by doctors after fearing that her illness had returned.

But when Mick realised that Woody had been told about his wife’s worries before she’d plucked up the courage to put him in the picture, a row ensued upstairs at the Queen Vic.

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The crux of the issue proved to be Linda’s inability to trust Mick when it came to not flying off the handle.

Claiming that she didn’t want to burden him with more misery in the midst of the financial crisis at the pub coming on top of Nancy’s accident, Linda had chosen to stay silent.

Then came the revelation that Linda had stayed at mum Elaine’s longer than had been necessary just so Mick wouldn’t find out about her treatment.

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When Mick then protested and said that Linda would have been the first person he’d confided in should he have fallen ill, further grievances came to the surface, namely his past flirtations with Whitney.

In the end, a livid Mick decided that he and Linda had reached an impasse and opted to gather his belongings. Despite Linda begging him to say, this evening’s cliffhanger then saw Mick storm out!

Whether this really is it for the Carters’ marriage remains to be seen, though Friday’s episode will see Mick confiding in Jack about what has happened, while a concerned Shirley talks to Linda about the situation. But will they be able to put the past behind them and move on?

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