Cagney and Lacey star Sharon Gless to guest star on Casualty

The actress - best known for playing Christine Cagney in the US cop show - will feature later this year


Cagney and Lacey star Sharon Gless will play a charismatic surgeon by the name of Zsa Zsa Harper-Henkinson in an upcoming episode of Casualty.


Gless – who won two Emmys for portraying hard-drinking Christine Cagney – said today of her casting: “I’m a rabid Anglophile. Some of our finest American TV is British. Zsa Zsa is a wonderful character and I hope you all enjoy her too.”

The actress will appear in one episode later this year, with Zsa Zsa being a maestro of surgery and a former mentor to Dylan (Will Beck).

Prior to Gless’s guest appearance, the long-running medical drama will feature a plotline that sees Dylan, along with David (Jason Durr), Louise (Azuka Oforka) and Alicia (Chelsea Halfpenny) head to a refugee camp in Northern France to offer medical assistance.

Shown over two weeks, the story centres around Dylan who bonds with twelve year old Sanosi and his sister Mariam at the camp and later finds himself in a difficult situation over their future.

The episodes are written by Dana Fainaru and Dominique Maloney, directed by Steve Brett and were filmed in Fishguard and Cardiff.


Will Beck, who plays Dylan Keogh, said of the experience: It was so nice to do a story set away from the hospital, the look and feel is more filmic. The main thing however was the importance of telling this story, which has been slightly forgotten in the news recently, and realising, when you boil it down to one human story, just how relevant it still is.”

Succeeding the two-part series opener, episode three of Series 32 will be an extended 70 minute special as the results of the inquest into Scott’s (Will Austin) death are finally made public.


Casualty returns later this summer.