Game of Thrones season 6 episode 3 – as it happened

The full story of Huw Fullerton's 2am date with HBO's smash hit fantasy drama can be found within. Clearly this article contains spoilers...


After last week’s shocking Game of Thrones revelations (TL:DR – Jon Snow isn’t dead any more), we’re back to see what happens to the newly-rejuvenated Kit Harington in our live blog! As usual we’ll be kicking off speculation at about 11:50pm before getting properly started when the episode airs at 2am on Sky Atlantic and on HBO in the States, so if you’re up watching please come and join us.


It’s going to be one hell of an episode, and that’s Snow joke.

This live blog is now concluded – Contains spoilers

03.33: Anyway, hopefully we’ll get to see a bit more of Jon’s cool deeds next week – but for now, I’m signing off. 

As some of you may have noticed I finished the first two blogs with “My watch has ended”, but seeing as how Jon Snow rather stole my thunder on that one tonight I think I’ll go for something more succinct.

Have a great week!

03.29: Overall a mixed episode I think – some amazing stuff (Jon, Rickon, the Tower of Joy) surrounded by quite a lot of conversations with little impact on the plot. Not that I didn’t love that Varys scene, but most of the talky talky scenes didn’t really seem to go so far this week. But maybe that’s just me wanting to see more of Jon taking names and kicking ass.

03.25: It was nice for Ramsay to get a gift tonight – he’s had such a tough time lately.

03.21: Oh, and the return of Bronze Yohn Royce, the slightly obscure character I made jokes about in last week’s blog played by Rupert Vansittart. Looks like the joke was on me.

03.17: The trailer for episode 4 is here – next week, the return of Littlefinger! Also Sansa and Brienne maybe going to the Wall (hilarious if Jon’s just left, the Starks literally always miss each other), Cersei teaming up with the Tyrells and Jorah/Daario coming to Dany’s rescue.

03.13: So, a summary of tonight’s episode. Jon is back in business, we saw some parts of the Tower of Joy (which was awesome) but didn’t see the end (which was lame), The Meereen Gang might attack other cities but might not, Tommen might attack the High Sparrow but probably won’t, Cersei and Jaime are terrible at meetings, Sam gets seasick and Rickon Stark is back in the game after three years away!

Oh, and Jon has jacked it in with the Night’s Watch after getting a sort of anti-pep talk from a soon-to-die Alliser Thorne.

03.10: Also, not to brag but we did predict this Rickon thing last week. Sometimes doing research on the Umbers pays off, people.

03.09: Just to note, quite a few people online are suggesting that the Umbers are actually pulling a long con, and they haven’t really betrayed the Starks (or killed Shaggydog). The obvious response to this, of course, is that if they had a fake dog why give the real Rickon? It’s not like Ramsay recognised him anyway.

03.05: Seriously though, in the Great Big List of Terrible Stark Decisions (quite a sizable tome), Bran’s move to send Rickon to the Umbers to “keep him safe” has seriously backfired. Like, all Bran’s done is sleep in a cave.

03.03: Poor Rickon – you disappear from the series for three years, and when you do triumphantly return you’re tied up with your pet wolf beheaded. But then I guess…

03.00: In other words, we’re one step closer to my fanboy theory that Jon is going to take back the North from the Boltons – and hopefully rescue his little half-brother along the way.

02.59: Oh damn – Jon really DID quit, and with a badass signoff!

02.57: Ser Alliser really was a terrific character – props to Owen Teale for playing him so well all the way from season 1. And I stand corrected – Jon did swing the sword himself, but in a great time-saving manner. That’s why he makes the big Lord Commander bucks.

02.56: Looks like Jon’s given up on the whole “the man who passes the sentence must swing the sword” thing.

02.55: Oh no! They killed Shaggydog! Those horrible horrible people!

02.54: Oh yeah – the return of the littlest Stark and Tonks!

02.52: Big change from the books here – Umbers only reluctant allies of the Boltons in print, much keener here.

02.51: Arya training for the big fight – but can she save the youth centre from being demolished?

02.48: Remember Arya – there is no spoon. Nice to be reminded that Arya doesn’t actually know whether the rest of her family are alive or dead though – adds to her desperation.

02.46: Man, why doesn’t anybody have conversations out in the sunshine any more? Such dim lighting.

02.45: Tommen is the most easily persuaded person in the world.

02.43: So far this episode has been about 15 minutes of cool stuff, and then half an hour of conversations in dimly-lit rooms. Some more entertaining than others.

02.39: Now as we enter another ad break, we have to think – even as powerful as Ser Gregor-stein is, he can’t take out the High Sparrow OR control the small council. it turns out that in matters of politics, no sheer amount of force is sufficient to get your way. Or in other words…

02.38: She always is a pleasure. Also good to see the small council back in action, I kinda missed those more political storylines.

02.37: Yaaas Queen (of Thorns)


02.32: This great drinking game making a return from when Tyrion played it with Bronn and Shae. 

02.29: Conleth Hill really is terrific. The more we see of Varys scheming the better, I think

02.27: Good to see Varys has got a fan. It’s tough at the top.

02.24: Oh gee whiz – how’s Dany gonna get outta this one guys?

(Clue – it’s probably dragons).

02.21: (Yes, maybe I had those two prepared just in case I had a chance to use them, shut up).

02.20: Also, can you believe Max von Sydow pulling Bran out of the vision like that? Just like HIM.

02.17: Did young Ned Stark just hear his son talking to him from the future? That’s some pretty good…

02.16: Arthur Dayne is just the best. Andddd now he’s dead. That’s about as long as any cool character lasts on this show. Oh well.

02.14: Argh, this is so cool. Really love how the show is delving more deeply into the backstory. And you know, having badass sword fights.

02.13: Go young Sean Bean. This is all a lot more civil (and exposition-y) than I expected.


02.11: Feel like these two would have had this discussion earlier.

02.09: Those wildlings aren’t the only ones to think Kit Harington’s a bit of a God, eh guys? Hear me PHWOAR, am I right? Right?

“I did what I thought was right, and I got murdered for it” – alternative Stark motto?

02.05: It’s weird, but it’s really nice to have Jon Snow back after those two episodes gone. Is he the prince that was promised though? Melisandre doesn’t have a great history with these prophecies…

02.04: Jon! You’re looking well.

02.03: Good to see Kit Harington back in the opening credits.

02.00: Me when Game of Thrones is about to start, aka my best Jon Snow resurrection impression

00.28: …and Jon Snow FINALLY stopped lazing around and rejoined the action.

00.24: …Bran learned where a family catchphrase came from via some Three-eyed raving…

00.15: …Ramsay threw the world’s worst baby shower for his stepmother and baby brother…

00.10: A few highlights from last week – Tyrion name-dropped his way into some dragons’ good books…

00.00: Also, apologies if this live blog is running a little slow tonight – some technical difficulties that I’m blaming on the return of magic to this world.

11.53: Tonight we’re hoping for Jon Snow revelations, Arya getting her sight back and a possible return for Rickon Stark (bear with us on that one). Anybody else?

11.50: Hi hi – Huw here, ready for another night of death n’ dragons n’ dothraki n’ delirious fun, aka this week’s Game of Thrones. Last Monday saw the return of Kit Harington’s Jon Snow, and there was much rejoicing.


But will he come back from the dead changed? And does this episode’s airdate (Mother’s Day in the US) mean we’ll be finding out more about Jon’s parentage? Only one way to find out – try and stay awake until 2am and then furiously debate it online for the next 24 hours.