Game of Thrones season 6 episode 2 – live blog

Is Jon Snow returning? Will Melisandre reveal her secrets? As the smash-hit drama continues, we're following all the developments live at 2am


And we’re back! Last week we followed every twist and turn of Game of Thrones’ sixth season premiere on our live blog, from the continued reminders of Ramsay Bolton’s awfulness to Melisandre’s over-judicious use of magical Instagram filters, and now we’re here to do the same thing again for episode two.


We’re kicking off the Westerosi fun at around 11.50pm before the episode starts at 2am on Sky Atlantic, so if you’re watching live in the US or up late in the UK, please join us! And remember – if we believe it hard enough Jon Snow will DEFINITELY be back on his feet before morning.

This live blog is now concluded

03.35: Anyway, I think that’s it from me for this live blog. In summary, this week was a LOT of people dying and one person un-dying, and it’s probably the last bit that most people will remember. 

Will Jon Snow take revenge on his enemies, or go to help his family? Will he be changed by his brief death? And what does Melisandre’s new skill mean for the future of Westeros?

Only seven days until we find out – but until then, my watch has ended.

03.14: Was this the worst-kept twist in TV history? Quite possibly. Also, you could argue that the show loses a little of its jeopardy if any character can be brought back from the dead at any moment. But hey, I’m still excited that this actually happened.

03.09: Man. I mean, I think literally everyone knew this was going to happen, but still. It was super tense.

03.06: To put it another way – did Jon Snow come back to life this week?





02.58: Jon? You….you dead bro?

02.57: I am SO TENSE right now.

02.56: Come on Jon…


02.55: Hey now, don’t touch the hair.

02.54: This could be the resurrection! Or it could all be a massive fakeout designed to mess with us. If so, bravo HBO.

02.53: See, even Davos wants Mel to bring Jon back. He’s clearly been reading the GoT reddit threads.


02.52: Melisandre’s got her face back on.

02.51: Yay, Iron islands politics. Clearly the show is trying to go topical in an election year.

02.49: In all seriousness though, not sure how book readers will think of the Roose developments. First Doran last week, now this!

02.47: Yep, this is about right.

02.46: OK right. The opening credits are losing a lot of names this series.

02.45: (Background: this guy is actor Pilou Asbæk, aka Balon’s younger brother Euron Greyjoy. Kind of a weird pirate dude).

02.44: I don’t rate your chances RN Balon. PILOU KILL U.

02.42: And now Theon’s headed back to the Iron Islands! Blimey, there’s a lot of shifting around in this show now. 

02.39: Yowzer.


02.38: Is he gonna feed them to the dogs? This might be too much, even for this show. Feeding a woman and a baby to dogs? Seriously?

02.37: Goodbye Roose. You were always too fabulous (if totally evil) for this world.


02.36: First Dorne, now this! The showrunners are really cleaning house this season.


02.34: I would not rate the chances of that new Bolton baby.

02.33: Bolton plans. I REALLY hope they attack Castle Black and get taken down by that massive giant.

02.31: Man, Arya REALLY needs a new job.

02.30: I think I know what Tyrion has planned.


02.29: Is Tyrion name-dropping to make pals with dragons?

02.27: “Tyrion is looking for £400,000 from the dragons for a 40 percent stake in his wine delivery company”.

02.26: I drink and I know things too, Tyrion. Just what I know is mainly Doctor Who trivia.

02.25: Read the room, Tyrion. Eunuch jokes don’t play so well in Meereen.

02.20: Tommen having a roar bit of courage there – and he ain’t lion!

Sorry, it is very late.

02.17: Jaime has no time for the High Sparrows chirpings, even if he can’t back it up with force.


And yes I used this picture last week, but I still find it funny.

02.15: Hey Tommen – less teenage angst, more finding a crown that actually fits your head.

02.13: Safe to say episode 2’s headcount just went up. Love the new Mountain.


02.10: Well, giants are useful. They should get more giants. Also shut up Olly, no-one likes you.

02.09: I swear all Ghost ever gets to do is snarl.

02.08: Also Isaac Hempstead-Wright’s super-puberty is quite distracting/depressing. Thanks for dropping in, mortality. Remember him in season 1?


02.06: Yeah, I’m more of a fan of Hodor classic.

02.04: Hodor used to say things that weren’t Hodor? This show has sold out, man.

02.03: Young Ned Stark! Lyanna Stark! Man, this is Game of Thrones geek nectar.

02.02: Pyke is back in the opening credits, so you can bet we’ll be getting some Greyjoy action. 

02.00: Here we go – the never-ending (week-long) wait ends now!


01.53: Not long now! #Gethype


01.37: Alternatively, Weekend at Bernie’s: The Wall edition would also work for me.


This is DEFINITELY how the Starks will take back Winterfell.

01.33: Predictions for this week’s episode: Jon Snow returns to life, Arya learns the ways of the force and a lot of people have meaningful conversations by candlelight. Hopefully this is also the episode that Bronze Yohn Royce makes his long-awaited comeback #VoiceofRoyce #BronzeYohn4IronThron(e)

01.18: Preach.


01.15: So close, yet so far.

01.06: Less than an hour to go now, and hopefully not long until we discover what happened to the fearsome dogs pursuing Theon and Sansa last week. You see, some viewers have pointed out that said dogs disappeared before Brienne rode in to save Theon and Sansa, with the current leading theory is that they’re on the SS Abandoned Plotlines with Gendry. Seems legit.


00.50: By the way, while we’re waiting I think we should pay our respects to some characters who didn’t make it past episode 1 this year.


So it’s goodbye to Myrcella, Areo Hotah, Prince Doran and that nice young Trystane – at least YOU’RE free of hanging around in the Dorne plotline ever again.


00.30: I feel you, Sansa. I feel you. Episode 2 can’t come soon enough.


00.25: Also this week: the return of Bran, after a series offscreen learning the ways of the Jedi. Here’s hoping he doesn’t try to face icy Darth Maul too soon.


00.06: And of course the other great mystery is Melisandre’s beauty regime, aka how she manages to look a sprightly mid-twenties despite being more in the range of 400, and why she bothers at all.

11.58: First off, will this be the week we see Jon Snow return from the dead? Or are we all mad people watching a corpse to see if it blinks?

Some fans currently suspect that episode 3’s title Oathbreaker (airing next week) might refer to a newly-resurrected Jon deserting the Night’s Watch, so maybe we’ll have our answer by the end of tonight’s episode. Or maybe, you know, we all need to move on and become heavily emotionally invested in Mace Tyrell.


11.50: Hello hello! Huw here, ready for a night of death, sorcery, political intrigue and death, aka your average episode of Game of Thrones. We’re still a couple of hours away from episode 2’s airing at 2am, but don’t you worry – after last week’s shocking revelations, we have a few things to discuss in the meantime…