Downton Abbey cast talk filming their emotional, surreal and amazing final scenes

While some of the stars felt sick in the run up to the director calling cut, others felt relieved and some fell victim to a bout of contagious weeping...

Downton Abbey is set to air its final ever episode this Christmas Day. And it’s safe to say we are pretty upset about it. In fact, we’re distraught. Black mourning clothes would be more appropriate than jolly jumpers during tomorrow’s festivities. 


But, if you think you’re upset, just imagine how the cast feel about it.

When the director called ‘Cut!’ on their final scenes back in August, the stars were relieved, emotional, even nauseous. We caught up with them just afterwards to find out who cried the hardest…

[Spoiler: it was Jim Carter, aka Carson]


Downton Abbey: the Finale concludes tomorrow at 8:45pm on ITV