What did you think of the London Spy series finale?

Did the Ben Whishaw spy drama deliver in the final act? Or would you be lying if you said you were satisfied?

The final code of London Spy has been cracked. Danny knows what happened to his lover Alex (Ed Holcroft) – and who is responsible.


An intense meeting of minds with Alex’s mother Frances (played by Charlotte Rampling) revealed that even in his final moments, Alex refused to give up either his research or Danny.

Alex, locked in a trunk, was promised a “new life” if he would only “leave everything behind” – including Danny. He agreed to his ‘mother’ Frances’s bargain, but in a cruel twist, his own brilliant creation, a lie detector, was used against him to reveal his falsehood.

He was left in the trunk to perish in the most horrible way, as Frances was drugged and dragged away.

Danny had discovered the truth about his partner’s upbringing – how Alex’s genius had been spotted by Frances; how she had brought him up to be ‘her spy’ in defiance of her secret agent husband; how he had beavered away on mathematical equations in a room covered floor to ceiling in blackboards, all the time waiting for somebody to come along and take him away from his punishing isolation.

Until Danny stumbled into his life.

In a final twist, Frances took the place of Danny’s dead mentor Scottie (Jim Broadbent), sliding into the car next to him and promising to help bring down the people who killed Alex. “Let’s burn them down for real.”

It was a coda that left the door open for a second series, but did the final episode leave you satisfied? Did Tom Rob Smith’s thriller carry the suspense all the way to the end, or was London Spy always bound to let us down in the end?


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