What to expect from Scandal series 5, according to Kerry Washington

Olivia and Fitz fans might just get a real happy ending... but then they might not, reveals the Shondaland show's star

Get out your white hats, people. Olivia Pope is back, and with her comes more drama, disaster, intrigue and scandal. (The clue is in the show’s title really…)


Series four ended with Cyrus being fired, Jake saying his farewells to Olivia and Mellie being kicked out of the White House. Plus, Olitz fans got what they’ve wanted since the very beginning: Liv and Fitz together in the President’s bed. 

Before new episodes start airing on Sky Living, we caught up with the show’s star Kerry Washington to get the low down on what to expect from series five… 

There might really be a happy ending for Olivia and Fitz

“Maybe…” she tells RadioTimes.com. “Being star-crossed lovers has always been fundamental to the nature of their relationship and so it’s interesting to imagine if they’ll be able to relax into being in a relationship with each other.”

But only if Olivia can get over one fundamental “issue”…

“She is not attracted to available men, men who are truly available psychologically and legally, so it will be interesting to see if she can truly receive love from Fitz in a healthy functional way.”

And really, even Washington isn’t sure.

“Who knows what Shonda [Rhimes, the show’s creator] has got in store for the future? Maybe it’s an entirely new person.” 

Olivia and Mellie could team up together. 

“Boy, if those two women worked together there would be no stopping them. I am hoping that they work together a lot more because they are a lot more similar than they think, and they have a lot in common other than just Fitz. They are both very driven, very smart and very entrepreneurial, they are leaders, so it would be fun to see Mellie and Olivia on board with each other.”

We still don’t know who’ll be the next Command.

“I wonder how many B613 agents are out there who are indebted and committed to Rowan and his unhealthy parental patterns. I would love to meet more of those folks…”

But we can expect more explosive speeches

“They are terrifying… A lot of times we get those scenes, we have such little time to work on them it’s thrilling.”  


Scandal series 5 starts on Thursday at 10:00pm on Sky Living