Idris Elba: “secretly I’ve been imagining Luther on stage”

The star of the BBC thriller sees a thespian after-life for his maverick cop...

Idris Elba says he’d like to continue playing the character of Luther in the future — but rather than on television, he envisages the maverick cop in the theatre. 


The actor, who plays detective John Luther in BBC1’s hit thriller, revealed that “secretly I’ve been imagining Luther on stage. He’s a great character, there could be a very small detailed version of him that lives on stage.”

Elba added that this would be another way of giving Luther a life after the small-screen, and that the decision to make series four a two-part special was designed to show audiences new ways to enjoy the character.

“Making it in two long episodes was part of this redesign to think of Luther not just as a series, but maybe a commodity that goes on.

“I want to keep playing John in some way, shape or form. I probably won’t get written a character like that again, so I’ve just got to figure out how to keep it going. I’ll keep playing Luther but in a new way. After five or six seasons of any TV show, people are like, ‘really, we’re here again?'”

Elba said he felt this character, who he first portrayed in 2010, was the most personal part he’d played to date. “I always go to Luther when I’m at my grumpiest. I use John as a little bit of therapy for me. There’s a lot of screaming and shouting…”


Luther is back on screens on Tuesday 22nd December