Claire and Jamie’s future hangs in the balance in Outlander series two teaser

The pair find themselves in all manner of mortal peril in the first look at the upcoming second series

When last we saw Outlander’s Claire and Jamie they were sailing off into the sunset on board a boat, but they’re right back in the heart of some serious action in the first look at Outlander series 2.


The new series finds the pair looking rather refined as they live a luxurious new life in France. It’s a long way from the wilds of the Scottish highlands they’ve come, and their sumptuous surroundings show it.

But the Honeymoon is well and truly over because there’s serious work to be done. Claire and Jamie want to prevent disaster by stopping the Battle of Culloden – but can they do it across the English Channel?

And what will become of their wee bairn?

We’ll have to wait and see…


 Outlander Series 2 will be exclusive to Amazon Prime Members in early 2016