Cold Feet to return for new series after nearly 13 years

James Nesbitt, Robert Bathurst, Hermione Norris, John Thomson, and Fay Ripley will face the big 50...and life without Rachel in the return of the hit ITV comedy drama

ITV has confirmed that it is bringing back its cult relationship comedy drama Cold Feet with the main cast now facing up to life in their fifties.


All the five surviving characters will reappear in the new series next year which means a return for James Nesbitt’s mischievous Adam as well as Robert Bathurst (David), Hermione Norris (Karen), John Thomson (Pete), and Fay Ripley (Jenny).

Friends star Helen Baxendale, whose Cold Feet character Rachel was killed off in the penultimate episode of series five nearly 13 years ago, will not be part of the reunion.

The new eight-part series will go into production in Manchester in January 2016 produced by ITV Studios-owned production house Big Talk, and executive produced by series creator and writer Mike Bullen.

The series started in 1997 when the television audience was first introduced to couples Adam and Rachel, Pete and Jenny, and Karen and David and lasted for 33 episodes and five series.

It finished in 2003 with Rachel’s untimely death, leaving James Nesbitt’s Adam to bring up their son alone.

ITV announced the new series at its Upfronts event for advertisers today, hinting at plot strands for the new episodes in a statement:

“How has Adam coped without his soulmate, raising their son on his own? Do Pete and Jenny still spend their evenings on the sofa, except now they watch Endeavour instead of Morse? And what of David and Karen? They’d split up, but with three children between them, are the ties that bind still strong?

“When we saw them last, our heroes were on the cusp of change, growing up and settling down. They’d hoped that by the time they were approaching 50, life would be simpler. Well, now they’re there, to discover that it isn’t. The issues they face are different but just as challenging. They still have many years to live, but can’t escape the niggling fear that their futures are behind them.”

“This feels like the right time to revisit these characters, as they tip-toe through the minefield of middle age,” added Bullen. “They’re 50, but still feel 30, apart from on the morning after the night before, when they really feel their age. They’ve still got lots of life to look forward to, though they’re not necessarily the years one looks forward to!”


The new series will begin filming in February next year for a likely broadcast towards the end of 2016.