London Spy episode two reveals massive twist – but who should Danny trust?

Did you see that one coming? Contains spoilers

Murky espionage drama London Spy reached new depths of intrigue tonight when Ben Whishaw’s character Danny discovered that the parents (below) of his late murdered lover Alex (or is it Alastair?) weren’t what they seemed.


**If you want to avoid spoilers for episode two, look away now.**

David Hayman and Lorraine Ashbourne as Alex’s “parents”

Yes, it turned out they weren’t Alex’s parents at all, with Alex’s real mother Frances (played by a formidable Charlotte Rampling) trying to keep Danny in the dark about her family’s wealth – or at least, that was her story when he found out the truth.

We’re not so sure she wasn’t trying to keep a lot more hidden. After all, she spent most of the episode trying to make Danny believe his late boyfriend didn’t care for him at all, lied about his sexual history and gave him a false name, all of which was proven untrue (apparently he preferred Alex to Alastair, so neither was fake).

Could Frances be part of the mysterious conspiracy that led to her son being found dead in a sex dungeon? Or is she just trying to keep her family name intact by fobbing off a random ex-boyfriend with a false story?

Like Danny, we’re starting to struggle with who to trust here…


London Spy continues on BBC2 next Monday at 9.00pm