The Watercooler Moment: Do you think Kate’s parents knew in Doctor Foster?

We're split here at the office over that big dinner party reveal - what do you think?

We’ve just about mopped up our tears after that moment Mary Berry got all choked up at the end of Bake Off and moved on to talking about that deliciously dramatic Doctor Foster finale. But there’s one thing we all can’t quite get past: were you expecting Kate’s parents to know?


Kate Parks (Jodie Comer) had been having an affair with Simon Foster (Bertie Carvel) for two years. Doctor Gemma Foster (Suranne Jones) was originally none the wiser as her colleagues and neighbours slowly came out of the woodwork as being knee-deep in his web of lies. But when Gemma laid out the details of the affair at a dinner party at the Parks’s house – an eerily calm tumbling of revelation after revelation – did you think Kate’s parents, Susie and Chris, were going to be that surprised?

For some of the office, their reaction points to the fact that they clearly didn’t have the first clue about what was going on. For them, that slammed door said it all.

But weren’t there pictures on Simon’s ‘secret’ phone of Kate and Simon at the house in France? The sun-drenched location certainly hinted at a trip abroad. The neighbours, Neil and Anna, were there. But was there something in the back of your mind that made you think the parents were there? Who’s taking the picture after all? I can’t see a selfie stick there… 


We can’t decide, but what do you think? Let us know in comments section below…