People REALLY want Suranne Jones to win a Bafta after that dramatic Doctor Foster finale

Fans are still coming up for air after watching the actress deliver the ultimate woman scorned performance


For weeks the nation has been glued to BBC drama Doctor Foster. Even the Goggleboxers couldn’t take their eyes off the gripping thriller, about a woman who was trying to find out if her suspicions about her husband were true.


Last night the series came to a cracking climax, as GP Gemma finally got the hubby and his bit on the side round for dinner and all hell broke loose.

Viewers winced – along with our reviewer – as Doctor Foster and her husband went toe to toe in an hour of high drama, during which faces met glass doors, there were suggestions that she’d harmed her own son, and the ‘W’ word was whipped out by a child when he discovered what daddy had been doing.

They’re still not quite over it this morning either…

But if there was one resounding call by the time the curtain fell, it was for leading lady Suranne Jones to pick up some awards for her efforts.

Viewers flocked to Facebook to praise her performance.

And they demanded awards for her on Twitter too.

Even her former Corrie colleagues were singing her praises.

While one woman suggested Jones’ had gone above and beyond in her role.

Because Doctor Foster made us all think about and have important discussions about our relationships…

Gave us dark thoughts…


And left the nation begging for a second series.