Will there be a Doctor Foster series 2?

BBC say no decision has been made on whether Suranne Jones will return in the role of the wronged medic. But maybe her character could do an action-packed episode of Come Dine with Me in the meantime…


So Doctor Foster ended tonight on a bleak note. Suranne Jones, bloody but unbowed, had exposed her unfaithful husband Simon who then started a new life with his now heavily-pregnant girlfriend Kate (Jodie Comer).


Gemma was seen alone with her son, having walked out of her GP practice (for good? It was unclear) and was sitting having a coffee in Parminster town centre. And then someone had a heart attack and the last we saw of her she was saving a life…

So could Gemma Foster return for a second series? Maybe as a single Mum medic trying to find love in rural Parminster? Let’s hope she doesn’t remarry and go through the whole infidelity saga again.

The BBC say that “no decision” has been made on a second series with sources saying that the door is “still open” for Suranne Jones to reprise the role.

“We are waiting to see how the dust settles before deciding definitively but at the moment no decision has been made,” added the source. “Put it this way, it’s never say never.”

Before that happens – and judging by the devastating dinner party scene in tonight’s episode – we could always see her character meet up with Simon and Kate on a particularly punchy episode of Come Dine With Me.


Now that I’d definitely watch…