Grantchester’s James Norton and Robson Green to ‘do a Poldark’ in series two

The leading men will strip off for the forthcoming series of the ITV period crime drama

Today Granchester fans at the Radio Times Festival were treated to a sneak peek of series two – and the sight of actors James Norton and Robson Green ‘doing a Poldark’ and disrobing for a scene in episode one.


However, Norton and Green – who play priest and amateur sleuth Sidney Chambers and detective Geordie – go further than Aidan Turner in the BBC1 period drama. Instead of scything topless like Turner’s Ross Poldark, they strut around in nothing but swimming trunks.

“We had scything in series one,” executive producer Diederick Santer explained to a tent of (suddenly rather flushed) festival-goers afterwards. “Poldark raised the game. And so now we’ve two guys in just shorts.”

“We’re raising it again!” added writer Daisy Coulam.

Asked why he got to wear a “snazzier” pair of trunks, Green joked: “I’ve got a better agent. When we read the scene, secretly, we went: right, ok, need to get to the gym! That’s Robson Green in brackets: no stranger to the sweet trolley. And yes, it was battle of the trunks. I won the battle but I think James won the war.”

Sidney and Geordie’s “bromance” will “fracture” in series two, Green revealed. “It’s a love story. Sidney and George love each other. They’re best friends, they fall out, are we going to see them get back together again?”

Green also said that the bromance is off screen as well as on – and that he and Norton hit it off from day one on set.


“It’s just one of those things,” he said. “The times I’ve been there, be it myself and Jerome Flynn, or me and Mark Benton in Northern Lights, or be it with Stephen Tompkinson in Grafters. You just know. There was an immediate connection.”