The internet is seriously relieved that Downton Abbey’s Anna and Bates are finally free

As Green's true killer is found and jailed, Downton's unlucky couple are finally free - and fans are beside themselves

It’s official. Anna and Bates are finally free. For the first time in what feels like years, the couple are not under threat or facing life in a cell.


Green’s true killer has been found and jailed. Happiness might just be on the horizon for Downton’s unluckiest love match. 

Downton Abbey fans are so used to misery that the news all came as a bit of a shock…

We almost didn’t recognise Anna and Bates with their new, happy facial expressions…

But it’s safe to say the internet was pleased for them…

After seasons of upset, though, fans can’t quite bring themselves to trust writer Julian Fellowes. It is only episode one after all… 

Because he’s already set up a new storyline which could potentially bring the Bates’ more distress.

For now, our collective fingers are crossed that this is it for the not-so-happy couple.


Downton Abbey continues on Sundays at 9:00pm on ITV

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