Will Carson and Mrs Hughes make it down the aisle in Downton Abbey series six?

Jim Carter and Phyllis Logan tease the uncertain future for their characters in this week's Radio Times magazine

When Downton Abbey looks headed for a happily-ever-after, writer Julian Fellowes has an unfortunate knack of changing direction and leaving us sobbing on the sofa. 


We don’t need to remind you of Lady Edith’s many romantic woes – or Matthew’s death on the day he finally meets his male heir. 

Fans hope the same fate isn’t on the cards for Mrs Hughes and Carson, who finally got engaged at the end of last year’s Christmas special. But it seems we are in for a few ups and downs before the pair make it down the aisle… 

“It does get resolved,” teases Phyllis Logan, “but not without some heart-searching along the way.”

“It’s a Julian Fellowes script,” adds her co-star Jim Carter. “Nothing is easy. Obstacles are always put in the way.”

“Viewers have grown up with these characters. Love and sex – it’s not just for youngsters!” Logan continues, to Alastair Stewart in this week’s Radio Times magazine.

“It’s nice to think there’s still an interest in these old fuddy-duddies. They’re not dead from the neck down the minute they turn 50.”


Read the full interview in this week’s Radio Times magazine, on sale now 

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