Maisie Williams launches YouTube channel, reveals her love of Shark Week

The Game of Thrones actress is officially a vlogger

Guys, Maisie Williams has a YouTube channel and her YouTube channel has its first video. What an exciting day in the world of all things internet.


But that’s not all. The channel brings with it some adorable artwork of cartoon Maisie with her pet turtle Barney. (Barney will feature in videos, we’ve been told.)

AND there’s Q&A in Maisie’s four-and-a-half minute first video – created with help from her vlogger pal Caspar Lee – which teaches us plenty about the 18-year-old.

Like, did you know she loves Shark Week?

Or that her nickname growing up was Green Giant (thanks to her towering 5ft 1in height)?

Or that she thinks Sophie Turner smells like… no, you’ll have to watch the video to find that one out: 


Keep your eyes peeled for more “random moments of madness” from Maisie over on YouTube. 

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