Karen Gillan for Outlander and a Star Wars lightsaber duel? 7 days in sci-fi and beyond

Doctor Who regenerations, Scottish/Kryptonian love matches and more in our weekly geek news round-up

Is the Hound really alive? Have we seen the beginning of a lightsaber duel? All these questions and more we were asking ourselves during this week of sci-fi and genre news…


Doctor News

This week the Edinburgh TV festival kicked off and Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat was in full flow, revealing his preferred setting for episodes (the land of no historical research, basically), calling out Peter Capaldi’s Whovian knowledge and defending the BBC from its critics. After all, what other company in the world would create a show as weird and wonderful as Doctor Who? 

Still, there was some DW news breaking outside Scotland’s borders too this week with Peter Capaldi learning to fly the Starship Enterprise (as one does) with Wil Wheaton and telling the world about the apparently “cosmic” role Maisie Williams has to play in series 9. It’s probably not a Galactus/Silver Surfer guest spot, but we can hope.

And is it just us, or do the preview pictures from series 9 prequel The Doctor’s Meditation feature a rather familiar chalice? Considering we last saw the goblet in the hands of a regenerating Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) in The Night of the Doctor, could this spell doom for Peter Capaldi’s incarnation of the Time Lord?

Er, probably not actually. Be a bit bad form to off the Doctor before the series has even begun…

Outlandish rumours

Still, there is always life after Who – just look at former companion Karen Gillan, who we (and many others) reckon could be perfect for the part of Brianna Fraser in Scottish romance Outlander. She’d have a job to keep up with the popularity of that series’ star Sam Heughan however, who continues to go from strength to strength in our TV Champion poll. But can he triumph against Ricky Gervais in the final?

Whatever happens, fans will have plenty of Heughan to enjoy over the coming months. As well as the next series of Outlander, the actor is tapped to star in romantic drama Oxford alongside TV’s new Supergirl Melissa Benoist. Talk about power couples, eh?

Hero v Hero

Not all superheroes are quite so touchy-feely these days, however – certainly not the antiheroes of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, who wrapped filming this week (see below), or the warring heroes of Captain America: Civil War who looked to be getting quite fighty in newly-released concept art (above). Still, always nice to see Hawkeye and Ant-Man palling up for stuff. 

Luckily, there’s still some fun to be found in superhero news this week – check out this video of the rigmarole Paul Bettany had to go through to get glammed up as the Vision for Avengers: Age of Ultron. No wonder the heroes are so angry and frustrated these days – must take ages to go out in the evenings.

Star Wars snippets

An exciting one this week, where we were given both a vague quote about a character and a 15-second advert for upcoming Star Wars sequel The Force Awakens. They do spoil us.

There has been an awakening… #StarWars #TheForceAwakens

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Joking aside though, we have learned a few things – Adam Driver’s villain Kylo Ren isn’t actually a Sith, new baddies the First Order are based on the Nazis and the sight of John Boyega holding a lightsaber is more exciting than the entirety of Terminator: Genysis, five times over.

We are so going to lose our minds when Episode VII finally comes out.


Still, until then there’s many a week of geeky news to enjoy – see you back here for the next one. Excelsior!