21 times Downton Abbey broke our hearts

From slippery soap and shock deaths to illicit kisses, tender farewells and ruined Christmasses

For dedicated Downton Abbey fans the last five years have been a bit up and down. We’ve had highs, moments of elation where we’ve almost dropped our teacups in glee, but also gut-wrenching, tear-jerking lows that have left us reaching for our mourning garb. 


As we wait patiently to find out what drama season six has in store for us, we’ve looked back at all the times Downton Abbey has broken our fragile, period-drama loving hearts… 


When O’Brien made Cora slip in the bath

The time Robert kissed Jane the maid

When Ethel Parks said goodbye to her son

When Matthew was injured at the front

The time Daisy married William on his death bed

When Edith was jilted at the altar

When Anna was attacked by Mr Green

When Bates was framed for murder the first time

And found guilty

The time Thomas thought Jimmy loved him but it was just another of O’Brien’s schemes….

When lovely sweet Lady Sybil died

And Violet stumbled in the hallway

When Lavinia died 

When Matthew died

And it absolutely, categorically ruined Christmas

When Mary cried on Carson’s shoulder

When Gregson went missing

Every time Edith visited Marigold at the farm

When Isis died

When we realised Branson really was going to America 

And the moment it was announced that season six would be the last. 

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