Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn and the cast of Ripper Street introduce series three

Adam Rothenberg and MyAnna Buring also star in the Victorian crime drama which is back for a third series on Amazon Prime Instant Video

Ripper Street is back and – we can confirm – just as big, bold, gritty, gory and glorious as before. Tonight series three returns to  BBC1 eight months after it premiered on its new home Amazon Prime Instant Video following its axe by the Beeb back in 2013. And it’s bloody good, in both senses of the word with a dramatic train crash kicking off the first instalment. 


But for you eager fans – and we know there are many of you – that’s all still to come. And with the series jumping ahead four years, plenty has changed around the streets of Victorian Whitechapel. But rather than us update you, we thought we’d call upon the actors themselves. 

So, here are the cast of Ripper Street introducing series three…

Matthew McFadyen – plays Inspector Edmund Reid. Estranged from Councillor Jane Cobden and Captain Jackson, Reid is leading an increasingly lonely life, forsaking booze and burning the midnight oil at Leman Street. 

“Reid’s been making an archive. He’s become very insular and a bit odd, quite anal, and he’s made this enormous archive cataloguing every villain and snitch – like a first computer database so he can cross-reference. His eyesight’s getting worse and he’s very lonely. His relationships have all broken down. 

Jerome Flynn – plays Inspector Bennet Drake. A four-year stint in Manchester has seen Drake rise through the ranks, learning to police with his mind rather than his fists. But a recall to H-Division has repercussions both in his professional and private life.

“Where we left at the end of season two, he was down – he’d been through the mill and he needed some space from Mr Reid because it was too dark where he was going. So he went off to Manchester and started anew in the force – started off as constable and he’s spent four years there and ends up as an Inspector and he’s doing well.

“He’s healing from losing his wife and then he gets asked by [Chief Inspector Frederick] Abberline to come back and almost take over. And on his way back there’s this big train crash which brings us all back together. And Rose is there – she’s become this star of the music hall and they get entangled again.”

Adam Rothenberg – plays Captain Homer Jackson. Fired by Reid and rejected by Susan, Jackson is found leading a directionless life dominated by alcohol and women.

“Jackson is estranged from Susan and he’s experimenting with what it means to be a citizen. So when we find him he’s reinvested in his own mystique to a degree. Rather than pick up the pieces and see who he is, he’s trying to be more Jackson, if that’s even bearable. He’s indulging himself and trying to…. I think there were a lot of holes punched in him last season and he’s filled them with things you shouldn’t fill them with but that’s who he is. I think he’s a patchwork at this point. He’s rudderless and drunk.

MyAnna Buring – plays Long Susan Hart. Having used Silas Duggan’s money to create a successful property business – Obsidian Estates – Susan is master of her own fortunes, dabbling in philanthropy by opening a clinic overseen by Dr Amelia Frayn (Louise Brealey). But her creepy associate Mr Capshaw spells bad news for the former brothel owner… 

“I’m really excited about her journey – it was a real break and a real shift and it made sense to me and I’m really excited by it. It’s not just black and white, good or bad, but I think it’s impacted on all of us – the change in Long Susan’s position when we meet her in this third season has an effect on all the characters. These are characters who, whether they love each other or hate each other, are so intrinsically linked along the way over all these years in this tiny part of the world and that’s what I really love about it. Whether they see each other again or never, they will be forever part of each other’s lives. I love the journey of Susan and how that’s manifested this time around. 


Series three of  Ripper Street starts tonight at 9pm on BBC1