See the hilarious Game of Thrones audition reel

Watch Natalie Dormer, Gwendoline Christie, Rose Leslie and more enter Westeros for the first time

The thing about the fantasy genre is it’s easy to feel silly – dragons, funny names, flagons of mead, it can all get a bit naff. Game of Thrones side-steps this issue with its incredible production values. When your world class cast are standing in a hand built fortress wearing hand made armour, they are pretty believable. But when it looks like they’re recording themselves on their iPhone, in a roadside suite at the Holiday Inn? That’s when you see their true quality.


This audition reel, first shown at Comic-Con in San Diego, shows that even with poor lighting, sound and a shaky grasp of the script, Natalie Dormer, Gwendoline Christie et al can still take you straight to Westeros.


The overall effect is a little like a Skype call with King’s Landing. Also, is it just us, or is that the poshest version of Ygritte’s catchphrase you have ever heard?