Downton Abbey, Poldark and Game of Thrones house names are on the rise in the UK

A survey carried out by the Royal Mail revealed that UK residents are finding inspiration for their residences on-screen and between the pages...


Fancy a trip to Downton Abbey’s Highclere? Or a meander to Games of Thrones’ House Martell? Well, you won’t have to go to far to find them because houses named after the TV favourites are popping up more frequently across the UK.


The Royal Mail analysed its databade of all 29.3 million UK addresses and produced a list of the top 50 most popular house names. Downton’s Highclere Castle (the place where Downton is shot) was the highest scoring TV residence, with 188 houses sharing the real-life name of the ITV Abbey.

49 Hobbit-inspired houses were also registered, with Bilbo Baggins’ home, Bag End, popping up in Guernsey GY, Haslemere GU27, Norwich NR1 and York Y06/2. Meanwhile, the CT postcode in Dover and the YO postcode in Selby proved the most popular places for Harry Potter’s famous school, Hogwarts.

A show based on a war between houses serves to provide quite a bit of inspiration for homes now too, it seems. 73 Martell residences and 76 Bolton homes appeared on the list, signifying a rise in the popularity of Game of Thrones themed names.

Poldark mania appears to have taken hold in the housing market too, with Ross Poldark’s, Nampara cottage found at 116 addresses across the country.

They’re all small fry compared to the rather popular Toad Hall (496) and Thornfield from Jane Eyre (311), but it’s a sure sign that TV and film are influencing our daily lives.

Perhaps we’ll find a TARDIS out there some time soon? WHO knows…


Oh, and in case you were wondering, Orchard is the most common house name in the UK. It appears on 11,894 homes across the country followed by Meadow (11,473) and Rose (11,308).