We couldn’t find a single person on Twitter who didn’t think Sheridan Smith was amazing in Black Work

Viewers are asking whether Sheridan Smith is capable of being anything but amazing after the first episode of ITV's Black Work


Is there anything Sheridan Smith can’t do? From The Widower to The 7.39, Cilla to The C Word, the last two years alone have seen the Gavin and Stacey actress receive endless praise for her ability to make all her roles utterly engrossing. And last night her reputation as queen of the small screen was further cemented by new ITV drama Black Work in which she plays PC Jo Gillespie, a young police officer whose life is changed forever when her husband is killed in action.


It had viewers questioning whether Smith was even capable of acting badly…

See? We’ll leave it to this viewer to sum up how we all feel…


Black Work continues on ITV on Sunday 28th June at 9.00pm