Downton Abbey’s Elizabeth McGovern teases spin-off show starring “the grandkids”

Downton might be coming to a close later this year, but it won't necessarily be the last we'll see of the Crawleys, says star Elizabeth McGovern

Downton Abbey is definitely, absolutely, unquestionably coming to an end later this year. It’s a fact, sad but true. But one star of the hit ITV period drama’s stars has given Downtonians a glimmer of hope.


Elizabeth McGovern, the 53-year-old actress who has starred as Cora Crawley since the show’s inception in 2011, has teased a potential spin-off idea, featuring George, Sybbie and Marigold.

“We’ve taken it as far as we can take it in this incarnation,” McGovern told the Telegraph, before adding that she’d “love to see what happens with the grandkids or the descendants, where they go and where they end up today – that would be really interesting for me.”

Now we don’t want to boast, but we had already come up with this idea as a way to keep our beloved period drama alive.

If you fast-forward to 1939 to find Britain on the cusp of the Second World War, the three Crawley cousins would be ripe and ready for their own series. George – heir to Robert’s title and the Crawley estate and fortune – would be about to come of age, while Sybbie would be 19 and Marigold 16. Between the Abbey and the Crawleys’ London residence, there could be conscription, rationing, evacuees and the Blitz to contend with, not forgetting flings with handsome American pilots, moral and political turmoil and victory rolls. It makes so much sense, we absolutely can’t believe the show isn’t already in production.

Sure, it doesn’t change the fact that we are poised to bid farewell to the Abbey – “Even though it makes me sad to say it even now, it just feels like it’s right,” added McGovern – but it gives us a little something to look forward to once the final credits have rolled on Cora, Carson and co.


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