Andrew Buchan: I don’t know if I’m back for Broadchurch series 3

The return of the ITV drama is a mystery as far as the actors are concerned...

Apart from the fact that David Tennant and Olivia Colman will be back, we don’t know an awful lot about Broadchurch series three. Will there be another murder mystery? Will Joe Miller ever face justice? Will Danny Latimer finally become a ghost and help Hardy solve crimes


A group of people you might expect to have a few answers is the cast – but they’re as in the dark as we are, even as to whether they’re returning in the third instalment of the ITV drama at all.

“I’ve no idea if I’m back, sadly,” Andrew Buchan (who plays Mark Latimer in the series) told at last night’s South Bank Sky Arts awards. “I don’t know what the story is.”

He does think it deserves a third series, though. “As long as you keep that essence that made Broadchurch series one so addictive, then it’ll work,” he said.

“It had a dark heart to it, but it was also very emotional. A lot of people could empathise with a lot of the strands. Chris [Chibnall, series creator] has a very intuitive eye, so he’ll know where it needs to go.”

Fellow Broadchurch actor Marianne Jean-Baptiste definitely isn’t expecting her character Sharon Bishop to appear, however.

“Sharon was there to do something very particular,” Jean-Baptiste said, “so unless she gets a bungalow on the beach I don’t see her returning”.


Perhaps Broadchurch’s eccentric practising of the law took its toll on the tough barrister…