The Missing writers go backwards with new time-bending murder mystery series Rellik

BBC1 has commissioned a new series from the writers of the hit James Nesbitt thriller which starts by showing you the killer apparently doing the dastardly deed and then goes backwards in time, can reveal


The BBC has commissioned a time-jumping murder mystery from the writers of The Missing.


The new series is called Rellik – “killer” spelled backwards – and will air on BBC1, probably next year.

As-yet-uncast and with details still sketchy, the six-part drama will start by showing viewers the killing – and the killer – before spooling backwards in time, according to the BBC.

“It starts at the end and rewinds over six episodes to the beginning,” the BBC’s outgoing controller of drama commissioning Ben Stephenson told

“What you think it is is not what it is. You find out who the killer is at the beginning of the episode but it’s not what you think it is.”

The Williams brothers are also hard at work penning The Missing series two, with the focus not on someone who is missing but on someone returning, according to BBC sources.

Starring James Nesbitt, the first run of The Missing ended in December, when the mystery of who abducted five-year-old Oliver Hughes during a family holiday to France in 2006 was solved.

**spoilers ahead for anyone who still hasn’t watched it**

It was revealed that young Olly was not abducted at all, and had simply wandered into the path of a drunk driver, who hid the boy’s unconscious body in his car boot.

Instead of being taken to hospital, the boy was – apparently – killed and his body dumped. The culprits were the drunkard, who ran the hotel where the family were staying, and his brother the mayor.


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