Coalition review: viewers loved Mark Gatiss but were shocked by the lack of women in politics

David Cameron and Nick Clegg haven't given their verdict on Channel 4's docudrama - but Twitter has


In February, Channel 4’s spoof documentary imagining what would happen if Ukip won May’s General Election divided critics and viewers, and resulted in an Ofcom investigation after the regulator received more than 6000 complaints.


Last night saw the broadcaster’s second political docudrama. Coalition took us behind the scenes at Westminster the week after the May 2010 election, when no political party won an overall majority and negotiations eventually led to a coalition between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. 

Here at, we thought it was “funny, absorbing and moving” and many on Twitter agreed – but not everyone…

Mark Dexter, Ian Grieve and Bertie Carvell all came in for praise as David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg respectively. Yet it was Mark Gatiss as a sneering Peter Mandelson – who also inspired his conniving character in Sherlock, Mycroft Homes – who delighted Twitter the most.

Really hoping that #Coalition ends with Britain ruled by @Markgatiss and Servalan.
— Matthew Sweet (@DrMatthewSweet) March 28, 2015

And while none of those who know what really went on shared their thoughts, a couple of familiar faces with an ear to the ground in Westminster did – but didn’t agree:

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